Semaj’ Williams knows YouTube

Meet Lakeside High School recruit Semaj’ Williams’ YouTube page. Williams, a 2016 cornerback prospect, has dedicated his off-season to increasing his recruitment exposure via YouTube. Currently he has uploaded 71 videos onto his YouTube page. It is a smart move and something a lot of recruits should take note of. Some prospects “look” for exposure but don’t promote themselves with the tools they have at their finger tips.

Semaj' Williams breaks up a pass at the Kennesaw State camp

Semaj’ Williams breaks up a pass at the Kennesaw State camp

If you were day dreaming about a new way to get recruited, maybe you need to look past the twittersphere, and towards YouTube. That’s right, the largest online video site in the world seems like the perfect location to upload all your off-season videos.

But wait, hold up, why does it seem that almost no recruits use YouTube? It’s hard to find a clear answer, that is for sure, but with the impact of HUDL over the last few years on the recruitment process it is obvious that any film is better than no film. Out of sight, out of mind so-to-speak. Almost all recruits, parents and coaches have smartphones now and uploading a video to the net is so easy (make sure to turn the phone SIDEWAYS).

In a matter of minutes new off-season film can be uploaded and filed away on a personal YouTube account. Athletes who only upload their film to twitter will continue to get passed over by hundreds of tweets in just mere hours.

That is not to say that Twitter does not serve a major purpose in your recruitment! Most college coaches are on twitter and do watch your videos. Uploading on both sites will only increase your exposure even more.

It’s up to you, but after looking at Semaj’ Williams’ YouTube page it was obvious that this young man is doing things the “right way” with his recruitment process – best of luck!


Here are some of Semaj’ Williams’ top highlights from his YouTube page:


Dawg Night Part 1


Dawg Night Part 2


South Alabama Camp Interception


USA Football Camp


USA Football Camp



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