Scott is a Freshman to Know

We have become very familiar with this Telfair County team over the last few months, and the emergence of Antonio Scott at quarterback is certainly noteworthy. At 6′ and around 150-160 lbs., the class of 2024 signal-caller had a huge coming-out party last week going against Montgomery County where he had 200 total yards of offense, three touchdowns to go along with six tackles, two interceptions, and a recovered fumble.

That recovered fumble though is why we are here writing this article. Scott was lined up at slot receiver on this play, but still ended up throwing the football. He went in motion, and right at the snap, the ball went sailing over the quarterback’s head, but the savvy Scott reacted quickly, sprinting deep into the backfield to recover the football. A lot of players would have just scrambled to get some semblance of positive yardage, but Scott’s quarterback instincts kick-in, and he was looking upfield for an open receiver. With most of the defense rushing towards the freshman, he heaved a pass 30-yards downfield to a wide-open receiver who cruised into the endzone.

The play ended up being the top one of the week in the state of Georgia and encapsulates the spur-of-the-moment creativity that Scott possesses. Needless to say, Scott has already made a terrific impact and certainly has the Telfair community excited about the future of the program. Unfortunately though, with the offseason being so chaotic, it has taken part of the season for Scott to become acclimated to varsity football here in Georgia.

“The offseason was pretty rough. Due to Covid-19, I didn’t get to play with some of my teammates and that really made an impact on my team, but I couldn’t get down. I told my teammates to step up – I always try to be a leader,” the young athlete said.

Scott throws an impressive football as the pass effortless flicks off his left hand, and the game seems to move much slower for him than your average freshman.

“I think my throwing strength and ability to read the defense at the quarterback position are my advantages. I think what separates me from others is that I always compete, no matter the opponent, and I execute at a high level.”

Need more proof? Well just go back again at the top of this article and watch his individual game highlight – that’s not your average freshman making plays. Scott models his game after Cam Newton, and wants to close out the season improving and winning each game.

We might be harping on this point, but it’s just not typical to see a freshman make the impact that Scott had last week in their Montgomery County win, so we asked him what it feels like to be an important contributor this early in his high school career.

“I mean, it feels good. cause it shows people that no matter what I can compete with anyone, and I could get the job done.”

Currently, it has been an up and down year for Telfair with a 4-4 record, and a big game up ahead against Dublin on 11/13. Dublin will be no easy opponent, they are currently in the top 10 in Class A Public. Scott’s impact against Montgomery County will have to continue that trend against the Fighting Irish for a chance to win.

No matter how this regular season ends, Scott has proven to be a class of 2024 athlete to know about, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to hear more about the electrifying class of 2024 athlete as he continues his high school career.


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