Roberson Brings the Hammer for Valwood

featured image credit – Dave Sundin, Valdosta Times

Willie Roberson is a senior out Valwood that has added a certain degree of physicality to the Valwood offensive attack this year, and just a few weekends back the 5’9″ 210 lbs. running back tied for the #1 play in Week 10, a play that will rank as one of the best of the 2018 season – in our opinion, at least. What looked like a routine hand-off at the 35 yard-line, turned into explosive run that left half a dozen Loganville Christian defender battered and bruised on the ground.

Like a bull in a fine China shop, Roberson busted out of the gaits, and got a full head of steam 10 yards down field until he was met by a band of would-be tacklers, but the powerful senior had his own plans. Spinning off defenders, breaking one tackle after another (we counted 6), Roberson eventually left the defense in his rear view mirror for an amazing 65-yard score that was a testament to how tough the 2019 recruit plays the game.

When asked about his season, Roberson replied, “My season has been going as planned so far, I have 429 rushing yards and 38 tackles on defense.” He continued to senior year goals, “My goal for this year was to be better and make my brothers better, even if I had to bring that hammer!”

Well Loganville Christian definitely felt Roberson’s hammer all right, and individual plays like that can attract colleges from around the area. As of right now, the Valwood senior doesn’t have any visits planned, but is looking forward to that part of the process as the 2019 recruiting cycle draws to an end.

At the next level, Roberson looks like a good short-yardage powerback that has some potential to be a lead blocker too. He has a compact frame, and has an explosive body composition with a max squat of 500 lbs. and power clean of 280 lbs. He is a determined runner with very good pad level, and consistently gets extra yardage after contact. Roberson is a team player no doubt, he will bust up a block and make a tackle on defense with zero hesitation – he just seems to give 100% on every aspect of the game.

Interested in recruiting Willie Roberson? Click HERE to visit his Recruit Georgia profile.


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