Recruiting Recap 9/3

Welcome to another edition of the Recruiting Recap! I hope that all is well, and everyone is ready for the first week of high school football! Thanks for stopping by to see the recap, and if you are new here, this is a feature where we cover the latest recruiting news from around the state. All of yesterday’s offers, commitments and also a sleeper of the day too!

We are continuing to get more interest from colleges with our latest premium update and just signed on our first NAIA program. Also more high schools have joined our team pages and you will see more on that in the coming week.

Outside of that, I hope everyone is doing great! It seems like the weather is turning for the best here in Georgia, should be some good football this weekend – be sure to mask up! – David


Yesterday’s Offers

Daniel Martin
2022 Marietta

Justin Daniel
2021 Garden City CC
Kansas State

Dylan Lonergan
2023 Brookwood

Devin Farrell
2022 Milton
Coastal Carolina

Kevin Kesser
2021 Allatoona
Macalester College

Felix Hixon
2022 Jackson

Terrance Love
2023 Hughes
Virginia Tech

Anthony Dorry
2021 Creekview

Jahmin Young
2021 Jonesboro
King’s College

Christian Hughes
2021 Campbell

Jack Nickel
2022 Milton

Jordan McDonald
2022 Milton

Xavier Agostino
2022 Pace Acd.

Elijah Zollicoffer
2022 Newton

Rodney Hill
2022 Benedictine

Steven Nahamias
2022 Marist

Jaron Willis
2022 Lee Co.

Sleeper of the Day

Englan Williams
2021 Blessed Trinity

Part of the bevy of talent in the backfield at Blessed Trinity, Englan Williams is a smoother operator with type of quickness and running instincts that would find him as a starter on plenty of teams in the state. Williams has a nice vertical run style, he makes quick concise cuts and does a nice job of keeping his pads north south. Good running stride, not going to explode for super long runs, but Williams hits his top speed pretty quickly and is capable of striding out and pulling away. He’s a tough runner, and what I like the most about him is how reactive he is to the defender. He makes late-cuts, but they work, and in part that says a lot about his lower body strength because he doesn’t always come away completely clean. Williams is a very good football player, and should fill out his frame nicely to be right around 200 at the next level. Considering his general running instincts, which I do consider to be better than your average backs, he should get some solid college interest for sure. If he makes a big jump in the weight room, then who knows, but I think it’s safe to say that Williams has great potential to be a sleeper in this class.


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