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Georgia has some of the biggest headhunters in the country. This honor goes to the defender who lays the lumber the best. A player that strikes fear into the oppositions if they choose throw a play down the middle of the field. After reviewing film and submissions, here are our “Top Five Biggest Hits” from the 2015 season (Watch 40 second YouTube video above).

Winner of the biggest hit will make our Top Play Video on NSD.

Cast your Vote below now! Voting ends this Sunday 1/17 at 9 PM (vote up to 25 times!): 

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Who had the biggest hit? Be sure to make a comment below!



  1. Robert Black is a solid football player, watched him in action multiple times.

  2. Reply Post By jhaelyn

    Robert Black most definitely!!!!

  3. My boy rob!!!!!

  4. Reply Post By Evander

    my boy Rob ! he deserve it

  5. Reply Post By Anonymous

    My Boy Samad!!!

  6. My boy Rob delivered what you call a “Solid textbook tackle”!

  7. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Samad !!

  8. Robert!!!!

  9. Reply Post By Anonymous


  10. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Ok Samad,I see you putting in that work Marty…Stay focused Nephew….

  11. Robert. ? ??

  12. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Rob doing it for LC!!!

  13. Reply Post By He deserve it

    I think Samad deserve everything when he put his heart in.

  14. I don’t know what’s going on with the votes but I’ve voted at least 15 times now and the votes keep decreasing,what’s that about..Samad..

    1. Voting was perfectly fine. A lot of Newton people were voting tonight too.

  15. The save the best hit for last..Let’s Go Samad,are we all watching the same thing…

  16. Give it up for my nephew SAMAD FOSTER!!!!

  17. Robbbbb

  18. Reply Post By Anonymous


    1. Reply Post By samya

      My bro samad?

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