Recruit Georgia’s Da Bomb Award




Georgia has some of the best quarterbacks in the country. Just two weeks ago, Tom Lemming from CBS Sports came into Georgia raving about how Georgia’s signal callers are some of the best. The “Da Bomb Award” honors the top gunslinger who made the most impressive deep pass during last season. After reviewing film and submissions, here are our top six deep passes from the 2015 season (Watch 1 min YouTube video above).

Winner of the “Da Bomb” will make our Top Play Video on NSD.

Cast your Vote below now! Voting ends this Sunday 1/24 at 9 PM (vote up to 25 times!):

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Who had the best throw? Be sure to make a comment below!



  1. Reply Post By Steve Spears

    Way to keep the play alive and to end the half with a score is HUGE

  2. Reply Post By Steve Spears

    nice scramble

  3. Reply Post By Scott Thompson

    lookout! duck! spin! hail mary! oh crap! throw the ball long! ah….touchdown…..nothin to it!
    Great play Marcus!

  4. Reply Post By Sarah Blum

    Awesome throw by Marcus!

  5. Reply Post By Karen Reynolds

    Love the Spears family!!!!

  6. Way to go, Marcus!!


  8. marcus is the goat hands down

    1. Reply Post By Rudy Music

      Marcus spears is #1,. Forget Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton wote Marcus spears up to 25 times

  9. Reply Post By Chris Blum

    Marcus Spears!!!! Remember that name folks. Future NFL star

  10. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Great play Marcus Spears!

  11. Reply Post By Myranda hardwick

    Marcus spears is da bombbbb

  12. Reply Post By Crystal Holmes

    Way to go Marcus Spears! You got my votes!

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