R.J. Carr – ATH
Dodge Co.


HT: 6’1″
WT: 190
Class: 2019

Carr has been one of the best athletes in Class 2-A the last few seasons, and his ability to hit a hole and just explode upfield is really nice. He’s got excellent open-field speed, and I like the balance he shows after contact too. He’s been lining up in a single wing it seems, and occasionally he is the guy in motion, but for the most part Carr is getting direct snaps to him. I really like his ability to change directions too, hips are on a swivel. His coach is adamant about his potential at the next level as a CB. At around 6′ in height, that would really add some value to his recruitment. Carr is pretty underrated in the recruiting world and he is very low-key when it comes to social media. Dodge Co was in the top 10 almost the entire season for 2-A, and RJ Carr is the beating heart of the offense.


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