Phillip Stout – NT


HT: 5’9″
WT: 293
GPA: 2.9
Class: 2019
Squat: 555
Bench: 285
Power Clean: 245

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

Strong hard worker who is hard to block and very disruptive on the D-line with 45 tot tackles and 2 sacks (injured for 3 games)

Stout is build like a brick wall, and he is surprisingly quick off the ball with both his hands and feet. This offseason he’s made some good progress in the weight room and should be over 600 lbs on his squat by the time he is in college no doubt. He does a nice job of reading the play and shading in the right direction. He keeps his responsibilities and shows good discipline when reading the play. Stout is strong as can be, and you see him many cases making a tackle while also being blocked. His intensity coming out his stance is just a natural aggressive mindset. His quickness and strength should offset a lot of colleges concern about his height, but honestly losing a little bit of weight would not hurt either, as his lack of foot speed outside of the trenches is eye-catching. Seems like a really good kid though, and very well liked around the community.


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