Micah Welch – RB


HT: 5’9
WT: 195
GPA: 3.3
Class: 2024
40: 4.5
Squat: 395
Bench: 240
Power Clean:

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

What makes me stand out as a future collegiate athlete is I have great balance and great vision, I make the first person miss and break tackles. Also, I have the speed to get away from defenders. I can catch the ball out of the backfield. I’m an all-around back. I also perform amazingly in the classroom, 3.3 GPA.

Welch has been starting since his freshman year at Baldwin and is among the leading active rushers in the state in 2023. Welch has always shown a good combination of speed and power, but on top of those core intangibles, he has really good running vision. The Colorado commit gets really low coming out of his cuts, practically exploding out of each one and gaining momentum. Welch can hit a hole and just flat-out go. He doesn’t over-juke at all. Welch sets up his blocks and knows how to cut it back against the grain. He shows solid patience, maybe sometimes a little too much, and he just needs to hit the gas. That will be discovered at the college when everything speeds up. Welch just has such a low center of gravity, it’s really hard to get a clean shot on him. His explosiveness in tandem with his agility makes for a really hard back to cover. He’s not a huge part of the passing game at Baldwin, but at the next level, his skill set really suggests some potential as a receiver. Taking that step would really add another layer towards Welch’s development, and make him an All-Conference caliber running back in the PAC 12.



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