Julius Cobbs – WR
Warner Robins


OFFERS: Limestone & Tusculum

HT: 5’7.5″
WT: 160
GPA: 3
ACT: 18
SAT: 920
Class: 2018
40: 4.3
Shuttle: 3.9
Squat: 345
Bench: 285
Power Clean: 245

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

Very Coachable, always working hard on and off the field. Enjoy been my little brother role model. love my family and team mates. great hand and foot work. run great routes. fun to be around and a team player

Cobbs can get down field in a hurry and is quicker than a hiccup out in space. He benefitted greatly from the improved passing attack at Warner Robins, and his speed to stretch the field vertically has helped open up their offense. He’s really tough to stop on short routes where his agility and quick hips allows for incredible seperation. Against all competition the senior has played exceptional. He’s a tough player too, and will go down the middle knowing a big hit is incoming. Cobbs seems to have a real knack slipping behind a zone defense and finding himself open down the middle. He’s your prototypical slot receiver, shows a lot of toughness and doesn’t go down easy after the catch. He can turn a 4-5 yard catch into a 8-10.




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