Jai Barnes – DT


HT: 6’3″
WT: 290
Class: 2022

Barnes is a big-time sleeper at Cedartown at the moment. He is a state qualifier in wrestling. He is now up to 290 lbs. from his sophomore year. He is tough at the point of attack, splits blockers, and is in the backfield quickly. Tackling still needs to work. He uses his arms too much but shows off strength in how he gets them down still, even while blocked. He has definitely improved at getting leverage over the last year. Tackling looks better in his junior film. Definitely like the body control he shows moving with the play while engaged and is able to stuff the run against a good team like Rockmart in the early year. Barnes definitely got quicker at the point of attack, but laterally he needs more. He is showing good leg drive while engaged. Barnes is a NT at the end of the day – his best skill is clogging up the middle. He shows good overall body composition and balance. Good back arch while engaged. Overall, Barnes has made a lot of good improvements over the last year, and at 6’3″ and 290 lbs. he is set to be a tough opponent during the 2021 season.



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