Donovan Hoskins – OLB


HT: 6’3″
WT: 200
GPA: 3.3
Class: 2022
40: 4.7
Squat: 420
Bench: 255
Power Clean: 235

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

8 Passing Tds
639 passing yards
10 rushing Tds
1142 rushing yards

Hoskins was a run first QB in 2020 for Alexander but senior year he is over playing defense. The 2022 is now 20 lbs. heavier and an inch taller, making him approximately 6’3″ 200 lbs. The senior showed good change of direction with fluid hips and doesn’t lose much speed in his junior film. He has good pad level, excellent balance and sees the field extremely well, so a transition over to defense seems like a good idea. He was very tough runner as well, so let’s jump into his senior film. He certainly stands out on film with a bigger rangy body tracking the ball carrier. He’s also getting some reps at RB, which our scouting report in 2020 did mention that being a good spot at the college level. Hoskins has several big hits in 2021. He has pretty good lower body strength, but need to see him keep his feet better while tackling. I do like how low he gets on his tackles and overall strength he shows on film getting ball carrier down efficiently with little extra forward movement. Hoskins is playing mostly SS, but he looks more like an OLB/SS at the next level playing a lot closer to the LOS. He’s new to the position, but would like to see him react quicker to the football.



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