Dominique Jones – OG


HT: 6’4″
WT: 285
GPA: 2.9
Class: 2019
40: 5.02
Squat: 275
Bench: 230
Power Clean: 205

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

I never give up.

Jones has a big lower body with tree trunks for legs. His frame shows a ton of potential but his feet need to be quicker and need to see more urgency when he plays. Jones is a player who needs a good bit of work, but is surprising effective as a pass blocker, which was certainly a surprise. He shows solid upside, but his lack of production should lead to many offers at this point. He is the type of player to checkout around May and see what sort of progress he has made. Also a good summer camp invite. Weight lifting needs to improve drastically.


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