Diontre Stone – RB


HT: 5’11”
WT: 195
GPA: 2.5
Class: 2023
40: 4.5
Squat: 400
Bench: 275

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

I’m an all-around player. Every time I touch the field I’m looking to score, make a big play, or help the play be made. I had a 180-yard big game just doing what I’m coached to do. I’m disciplined, my work ethic is excellent, and my all-around skill will not disappoint.

Stone has been a versatile playmaker at Stockbridge the last few years where he is splitting snaps with a group of talented backs. Stone has solid size just a shade under 200 lbs. He makes several plays out of the backfield with his hands showing a strong grip to hold on to the ball in traffic. Stone is a hard runner too, getting fairly low and driving his legs through tacklers. His junior film showcases pretty good acceleration into his top speed. Stone goes hard when running, but we would like to see him make defenders miss in some cases too, especially at the 2nd level. He has become stronger in the lower body his senior year and is consistently driving the pile forward more. We do like how he protects the football when running between the tackles and you routinely see him have both hands around the ball. Stone plays with a lot of physicality, so needs to focus on bulking up to become a true powerback at the next level. His nice hands as a receiver makes Stone a pretty interesting prospect as well. Look for the 2023 recruit to get over 210 lbs at the next level.




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    Had the pleasure of watching him play. Keep you on the edge of your seat.

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    Give it to Stone and he will be gone!!

    Athlete!! Hands speed power elusiveness!!
    Love viewing his videos!!

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    Complete package and still growing
    Exciting player

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    Athlete !! Hands speed power elusiveness!!
    This young man is excitement!!

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    I have gotten to know this young man , he is a young man first , very respectful, he’s a team player , he is the type person you will enjoy being around on a day to day basic . Now as a Athlete, he powerful , a playermaker, and speed out this world and Explosive. He is a joy to watch on the football field .

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