Desi Tisdol – ATH


HT: 6′
WT: 200
GPA: 2.6
Class: 2020
40: 4.7
Vertical: 32.8″
Squat: 415
Bench: 260

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

I feel like I’m one of the best players when I step out on the field. I love to compete against some of the best. Stats

Stats: 942 yards rushing with 16 Touchdowns. 18 Receptions for 356 yards.

Tisdol is a complete football player who is probably one of the safety recruits in the class of 2020. He can just flat out tomahawk a ball carrier. There is no breaks, just all gas with Tisdol in how he plays the game. He’s created several fumbles this year, several in which he just takes the ball from the RB and goes in for a score. Tisdol is a good RB no doubt too. He makes great cut backs and is explosive moving down field. He could make an impact wherever you line him up at the college level, but his natural physicality fits so well on the defensive side of the football. Tisdol has incredible potential as a safety or even WILL depending on how he fills out his frame at the next level – his outstanding ball skills is highlighted when he lines up at WR, so him in defensive coverage where he plays the football should be seamless. Make no mistake, against any kind of recruit, even 4 stars, Tisdol just rocks their world tackling them. Just a complete athlete earning offensive player of the year in basketball, outfield of the year in baseball and also making All-State as a junior.



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