Corey Scruggs – ATH


HT: 5’7″
WT: 170
GPA: 3
Class: 2020
Shuttle: 4.2
Bench: 260
Power Clean: 270

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

900 yards rushing and wasn’t the starting Running back 2nd All Region Team Running back

Scruggs is an ambitious young athlete who is very serious at playing football at the next level. He’s hard runner, who will make the tough cutbacks against the grain even with the potential big hit coming. He’s got pretty quick feet, and can just dart around in any direction. I like how well he uses his blocks, the 2020 back sees running angles/lanes that most HS athletes simply cannot find. Scruggs is a natural runner, but now he needs to become a natural in the weightroom and bust his tail this offseason to add weight. His squat and power clean are very low for a RB, which will bring up some durability concerns in college. Considering his skill set, I think the 2020 recruit can have a bigger impact in the passing game, especially as a slot receiver. Scruggs’ elusive nature will get him looks, but how he fills out physically will make the biggest difference on where he projects at the next level. Continuing to get quicker, having a bigger impact on the passing game and making explosive plays on special teams are all areas to boost his stock in college coaches eyes.



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