Blake Miccichi – ATH


HT: 6′
WT: 180
GPA: 3.687
Class: 2020
Squat: 415
Bench: 225
Power Clean: 225

Another Miccichi at Lakeside! Blake looks to have the starting QB job now and has been very dangerous with his feet. The class of 2020 QB is a natural with the read option with okay footwork, and has nice acceleration getting up field. He has an elite ability of selling his mesh – no kidding. Miccichi has good vision, he makes the proper juke at the right time and even throws a spin move into the mix at times. He’s a quick decision maker, on one read-option play the whole thing was blown up, and the 2020 recruit got completely vertical splitting the A gap. I like the junior wth the ball in his hands, he’s a natural at finding creases and getting extra yardage too. He really doesn’t pass the football much, if he showed more in that category I think option schools would be interested. Miccichi is the type of guy you recruit as an athlete and figure out where to play him later. He shows some good potential as a defender making big tackles out in space, but needs to wrap up more. Interested to see how he fills out over the next year, if he gets closer to 200 and progresses as a passer I could the military schools and FCS option schools taking an interest. A good coach would realize that Lakeside has no OL either, there are plays where he should lose yards, and turns them into 5-6 yard gains with just being a very savvy player in the option. The better questions is how good is his pitching?


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