Amon Williams – RB


HT: 5’10”
WT: 187
GPA: 3.75
Class: 2023
40: 4.51
Shuttle: 4.39
Vertical: 38″
Squat: 460
Bench: 280

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

3 Down back. Run, Catch, Block. All Region & All County HM as SO. Varsity BB player as well. 450 yards rush w/ 6TD

Williams was a steady back last fall for Denmark. The 2023 back has solid patience waiting for his blocks to materialize and has nice leg drive through contact. He’s only around 185 right now, but we like his solid forward pad lean, which usually gets him additional yardage falling forward. He has a nice quick jump cut at the LOS. Williams is a smart runner from what we have seen on film. He has good acceleration into his top speed. Williams definitely took a jump in terms of his athleticism from his sophomore to junior year. He looks a lot more explosive with the ball in his hand and you can see why he earned All-County honors. Williams also improved as a receiver and is now making plays out of the backfield. He is also breaking more tackles as his lower body has continued to get stronger. Williams is efficient at finding cracks in the blocking and squeezing out extra yardage. He is a solid pass blocker and and his pass-catching allows for him to release out into the flat as another option. We like Williams, he’s not going to blow the lid off the defense with a 50 yard score, but he gets nice chunks of yardage and as he continues to fill out his frame towards 200 that should behoove his play style even more. He’s grown a lot in the last year, and there is no reason to think he won’t continue to pack on the weight, maybe even grow a little more. We would definitely like to see his agility continue to improve and see Williams elude more tackles in the open field, but we are impressed with the 2023 back – he has a nice array of skills.



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