Player Spotlight: Tyrone Scott WR Jenkins


No this is not a basketball article, even though our featured picture might suggest it. This article is about a two-sport talent from Jenkins HS with unbelievable athleticism that is just now being recognized (by our staff at least).

Meet Tryone Scott, a junior football and basketball player for Jenkins High School down in Savannah, GA. The standout athlete won Week 3’s number 1 play with an amazing 99-yard touchdown reception, which is now a Jenkins school record.

Scott (6’2″ 195) and his team were pinned down on the 1 yard line when junior QB Javonte Middleton dropped back and heaved a nicely thrown 45-yard pass down the sideline. Scott made a beautiful high-pointed catch when he spun around making a nice adjustment, then shrugged off a defender, and left the rest in his rear-view mirror.

Scott’s experience at both sports has given him an advantage from an athletic stand point. “I’ve been playing football since the age of 9 and I use basketball traits such my ability to jump, and vision on the field,” Scott said.

The junior has incredible jumping ability and awareness when fighting for the ball. He has the innate ability to quickly turn his hips around and high-point a pass thrown his way. Once the ball is in his hands, Scott is a threat to take it all the way to the house, which is exactly what he did in his amazing 99-yard score.

Unfortunately, no schools have recognized the sleeper down in Savannah. “No schools have really sent me anything,” Scott admitted.

The Jenkins student athlete is open to playing either sport at the next level. “I would like to hear from any division 1 schools who would be impressed with my athleticism on the field and on the court.”

With more performances like he did last week, Scott should be hearing from local colleges before you know it. Especially if his athletic prowess shines like it does in the video down below (crazy between the legs dunk).


Visit Tyrone Scott’s HUDL page HERE.


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    Tyrone Scott is a junior not a senior!!!

  2. Wow I don’t think I heard of him and I live in Savannah smh! That’s God given talent. Somethings you can’t teach, but it must be given to you! I’m impressed

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