Okemus Grier Prime to be a Breakout Recruit

Okemus Grier has been a problem for opposing defenses in 2021. The super-athletic 5’9″ skill player just last week was named a standout by GHSF Daily where he totaled 172 rushing yards and three touchdowns on just 9 carries in their 52-23 victory over Upson-Lee.

One of those explosive plays from last week ended up winning the #1 play of the week on this site. Grier took a handoff and immediately made a jump-cut against the pursuit, then another cut backwards avoiding a would-be tackler before hitting the accelerator and zipping the rest of the way for a 65-yard touchdown.

The play encapsulates most of Grier’s season thus far. He now has 16 touchdowns on the year and at any moment he can make a mundane handoff into a momentum-swinging touchdown.

On the recruiting front, the 2023 athlete has been getting a positive initial response from college programs.

“Recruitment has been pretty good so far, getting plenty of emails from different colleges. I have not taken any visits yet,” Grier exclaimed.

The win was huge against Upson-Lee, and locked the 4th seed over their region rival. Now with the playoffs tonight, Grier wants to push the program further than any recent team.

“My goal for the playoffs is making it past the 2nd round because that’s something our team hasn’t done in a while,” he said.

On the field, Grier believes that his quickness is his greatest strength and the way he can react to the football. The 2023 athlete certainly has excellent quickness, and the top-end acceleration to get to full speed in a short amount of strides.

The offseason will be here before you know it, and Grier does have an area he would like to improve.

“I really want to improve my strength and my speed during the off-season.”

That’s definitely an area of focus for the slighter build back, but with that added muscle he should certainly see an increase to his top-end speed too. For now, though, the playoffs are just ahead, and Jackson has a 9-0 Thomson team ahead in the first round – one of the perks (or lack thereof) of being a #4 seed.

That said, Jackson plays in arguably the toughest region in all of 3A and definitely battle-tested going into this Friday’s matchup. How will it all end? Well, be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter as we will be live retweeting scores during Friday night’s games plus a lot more recruiting info on players across the state of Georgia. There is no better time to follow.


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