Mississippi State First to Offer Gargantuan O-Lineman


Mississippi State became the first school to offer Montravious Richardson today. The 6’7″ 300-pound Westover offensive tackle announced his offer on Twitter.



Mississippi State, who has expressed interest over the months, offered Richardson after impressing the State coaching staff at the Big Dawg Camp. He also got a chance to tour their campus and see the athletic facilities.

Richardson has been working hard all offseason, increasing his weight lifting measurements by 30-50 pounds in each category. He spoke about how it felt to finally land his first offer.

“I felt good to see my hard work paid off,” said the reserved Richardson.

Mississippi State made a calculated move offering Richardson first. There is no question about his athletic potential but he still needs to smooth out some issues with his fundamentals. The State staff is confident they can teach the big framed Richardson, and other Power 5 coaches might well think similarly when they see him up close.

With the season less than a month away, college football camps are winding down, and the high-potential offensive tackle has yet to commit to any further visits. He wants to plan his visits around his fall football schedule, so stay tuned to @RecruitGeorgia to hear the latest recruiting news on Richardson. 

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    Keep grinding Montravious

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