Mill Creek Junior Off to Promising Start

Brendan Jenkins out of Mill Creek is a promising class of ’23 receiver who has several breakout games against both West Forsyth and Norcross in the first half of the 2021 season. The 6’2″ receiver made his top play of the season so far against the former, and that earned him the #2 play of Week 5 for the state of Georgia.

Lining up on the right side of the field, Jenkins pushed off his release running a corner route. Fellow junior Hayden Clark lofted the football out perfectly in the corner while Jenkins expertly shielded the defender from the football. Jenkins then reached out his left hand and snagged the football one-handed while dragging his foot in front of the sideline.

It was a great score, showing Jenkins has excellent hand-eye coordination but also the progress Jenkins has made over the last offseason.

“The areas I have improved the most from last year to this year would be how much stronger and faster I have gotten and my ability to run routes and get in and out of breaks and know that the only person that can stop me is me.” Jenkins continued to give credit, “I want to give a shoutout to my mom and the Cam Newton 7v7 organization and my team, Coach Drew, and Topshelf Performance.”

Standing at 6’2″ with wide shoulders and good ball skills, it’s pretty clear that D1 programs would be in contact, and Jenkins did confirm the early interest.

“Recruitment this fall has been going well; lots of love being shown from colleges and coaches being interested. There have been some teams that jumped out that are new. I get mail and interest from Ivy leagues schools: Dartmouth and Columbia. Plus D1 mail and interest from Duke, Coastal Carolina, Eastern Michigan, Minnesota, Kentucky, Western Kentucky, and Air Force.”

Currently, Jenkins has no visits planned just yet but said as the season progressed he hopes that would change.

Jenkins’ ability to go up top and attack the football in traffic makes him stand out among other receivers we have scouted from the class of ’23. That characteristic of his game, to go along with having good size, seems to match the players he models it after.

“I have a combination of 2 people I like to model my game after. Davante Adams and Calvin Johnson – aka Megatron. I like to model my game after Davante because of the way he runs his routes and creates his separation from defenders as well as catch in traffic. He also has a high confidence level. The other receiver I model my game after, Calvin Johnson would be because he’s fast, strong, and aggressive. He goes up over defenders to catch the ball and creates a problem for not only defenses but coaches too.”

Jenkins still has another year left before his high school career is over, so he has plenty more time to create memories, but we asked what he likes the most about playing on Friday nights.

“My favorite part about playing on Friday nights would be making plays with my team and hearing the crowd noise and fans cheer and put on a show for not only the people in the stands but for the people at home and who will hear about it the next day.”

Right now, the Mill Creek community is energized with an undefeated start and a top 5 ranking amongst most polls in the state of Georgia. The games will surely get bigger as the season continues, and that means even more opportunities for Jenkins to showcase his skillset, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to hear the latest on the junior and more athletes across the state.


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