Middleton: Right Place at the Right Time

Brantley County is playing some quality football as of late, and junior athlete Kellon Middleton has been key to their success. His play has been huge, it cannot be overstated, but perhaps no bigger than last week’s 13-10 victory over Tattnall Co.

What originally looked like an almost certain interception, was quickly turned upside down. The Tattnall Co. defender attacked the pass, but the ball bobbled, and thusly bounced off several more bodies before falling right into the arms of Middleton. The junior knew what to do, and quickly hit the jets leaving some bewildered, others overjoyed, but mostly all of them in the dust for a touchdown. It was really one of the more insane plays we have seen over the years. 

Brantley County lands a key win and is now placed in the 4th spot in the region, pushing ahead of Tattnall Co. Middleton will have his play go down as one of the more amazing plays in the state this year, there is little doubt in that. I believe the head coach Geoff Cannon said it best on our website comment section.

“Kellon is our best athlete and is outstanding in the classroom too. He is very disciplined and deserves to win this.”

But the do-it-all athlete is more than just a one-play wonder. He is a very talented junior athlete who lines up at receiver, running back, and even some wildcat too. Not to mention being a threat to take it back on special teams, plus having a good impact on defense playing off the edge.

He is dynamic with the ball in his hands, making quick changes of directions and showing above-average balance taking on would-be tacklers. He’s got very good running vision knowing when to bounce it outside and to cut back against the pursuit.

Based on our film evaluation, we think the junior should really be on local program’s radar, and he is certainly a 2023 recruit to watch closely over the course of this upcoming recruiting cycle. In the near term, don’t be surprised to see Middleton finding himself on the All-State team at the end of the season, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to see more on Middleton and the rest of the athletes across the Peach State.


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