Mews Catches Them All

Exactly one month into the season so far, and Central Gwinnett wide receiver Mekhi Mews has made a statement in a big way. With 447 yards receiving, Mews leads all of Class 6-A and is proving that he is a D1 talent that deserves college offers.

No game was bigger in terms of output than last week against South Forsyth where he had 218 yards on 8 receptions while returning 139 yards on special teams too. It was a hallmark game for the senior. His total of 362 total all-purpose yards was one of the best performances of any player in Week 4. The signature play of the night was an 85-yard score. 

Central Gwinnett was lined up at around the 15-yard line where their sophomore QB, Justin Johnson, saw that Mews had soft coverage on the left sideline. He lobbed up the pass roughly 30 yards down field, where the adept receiver adjusted to the football perfectly, coming back to make the reception, and then squared up on a few would-be tacklers. Mews had options. He could step out of bounds for a modest 30-yard reception or hit the jets reversing the football back into the middle of the field. The ladder option was taken, and after splitting a handful of defenders, Mews was 55 yards down field in the endzone with a pile of South Forsyth defenders in the background.

It was an exceptional play where it showcased two of Mews best attributes. His aforementioned ability to adjust to a pass, and also showing great acceleration to hit his top speed, putting defenders in the dust.

Mews earned the top play in the state of Georgia for Week 4, and is honestly off to an All-State caliber season so far. The speedy athlete was a solid receiver his junior year showing the same big-play ability, but over the last year he has obviously improved. Stats and film is enough evidence, sure, but we also asked Mews on the progress he made, especially during an atypical offseason with Covid-19.

“The offseason during COVID-19 was very different from the traditional offseason. It was hard to find somewhere to workout with all the gyms and facilities closing, but I found a way to win. It gave me extra time to get prepared for the season, so I worked hard on my route running and improving my speed and strength,” he said.

That’s a testament to Mews resolve to progress, even with a non-traditional offseason, he kept focus on improvement, and didn’t get distracted by circumstances out of his control. All of that hard work has given Mews an edge over the competition.

“What separates my game from others in my position is my route running, strength and explosiveness. I am able to change speeds and direction quickly to get open and create separation from defensive backs.” Mews continued, “Also, I can use my strength to my advantage to break tackles and gain yards after contact.”

We couldn’t have stated it any better. Mews shows very reliable hands, and consistently gets open using his acceleration to get easy separation. He is adept at adjusting to the pass, coming back and attacking the football. Once he has the football in his hands, Mews turns into a running back where his low center of gravity allows him to break through tackles and get tough yardage that most receivers cannot. His ability to accelerate, or even decelerate for that matter, makes him especially dangerous with his route running, but also when he returning kicks. Mews already has 279 return yards on the season, which also leads Class 6-A currently. 

Mews models his game after one of the best receivers in the NFL, he just currently doesn’t play on a team.

“Despite his personal issues on and off the field, I model my game after Antonio Brown. His ability to run routes and get open was unmatched, and he was always a big play waiting to happen.”

In terms of recruiting, the virus has certainly slowed down the process for Mews who was sure to test well at the summer camps in both 1v1’s and the combine portion too. The senior remains patient that his time will come.

“Recruitment has been a little slow so far, but I remain humble and hopeful to see that will improve as well. In the mean time I will continue to play hard and strive to get better every day for myself and my team.”

There is no game tonight for Central Gwinnett, they have the week off and will go up against #2 ranked Buford on October 9th. Buford is loaded with P5 cornerbacks across the board, so Mews will certainly have plenty of opportunities to fill out his recruiting resume for colleges next weekend. 

That matchup against Buford will be the halfway point for Central Gwinnett this fall, and Mews wants to finish out a few goals.

“My goals for the remainder of the season is to finish first in receiving in the state and continue to help my team as much as we can so we can succeed.”

At this pace, Mews is set to have over 1000 yards receiving on the season, and over 1500 all-purpose yards too. There is no doubt that the 2021 recruit can play the game. His acceleration and urgency he shows getting up field really stresses a defense, and we personally think he is one of the best slot receivers still uncommitted here in the state of Georgia.

Interested in recruiting Mekhi Mews? Click HERE to visit his Recruit Georgia profile.


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