Meet Screven County Star Kim Hunter


Kim Hunter is the latest Georgia athlete to win our weekly top play award. The electrifying senior out of Screven County narrowly beat out Benedictine defensive back Jonah Griffin for the top play in Week 9.

The winning play was something else too. Hunter was lined up over the slot receiver on the defensive side of the ball vs Westside-Augusta. Right on the receiver’s release, Hunter stuck to him like glue as the receiver ran a shallow out route to the sideline. The cagey senior read the play perfectly, leaped up and snagged the ball one-handed over the receiver – resembling New York Giants star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. in the process.

It is prolific plays just like last weekend’s that has the Screven County senior widely considered as one of the best players in his area. His talents lead to wins as well, and his team is undefeated, and a consensus top 5 program in Class AA.

The 6′ 175-pound senior spoke about how his season has gone thus far, “This senior season is a great ride. I’m enjoying every second and moment of this journey.”

Over the last few seasons Screven County has made deep playoff runs and last season they loss 35-34 to Callaway in the state quarterfinals. They are not short on talent, and the squad is comprised of several All-State caliber playmakers (Hunter included) on both sides of the football.

“Right now I’m focusing on winning a state championship, ” Hunter said. “My goals for the remainder of this season are to go hard, cherish each moment, and be thankful that I’m blessed to be capable of the things I can do and achieve.”

Right now, Hunter has no visits planned and has mostly been hearing from one college. “I’ve only had one college that’s been communicating with me and that is Liberty University.” Liberty has extended an offer to the talented playmaker.

For Hunter, he plays both offense and defense, and if you watch his SR film above, you can easily see how college coaching staffs will be jockeying to get him on their respective side of the football. “I prefer to be all over the field because I’m coachable and can go in and do what my team needs to win. I’m looking forward to being a defensive back or an slot receiver – it does not matter.”

Hunter is a smooth athlete, makes hard cuts with out losing any speed (4.41 forty time), and is just a natural at reading the field. On the offensive side of the ball, he is very elusive, using his 4.19 shuttle time to make lightening-quick cuts against the grain. He also does a great job of protecting the football too.

As a defender, Hunter is a playmaker with elite ball skills that most defensive backs do not possess. He shows a ton of upside as a free safety, with the ability to sit back in a zone defense. but also line up over the slot receiver and going straight man-to-man. He can survey the field quickly, which allows him to make elite breaks on the football and fly around creating havoc.

Hunter believes that he can certainly help out a college football program. “I think I could impact a college team by being a great student-athlete – both a peer in the classroom and a teammate on the field. I want to be an all-around good person and everything I do is with respect.”

The senior’s recruitment is sure to pick up in the next few months considering his athletic upside and the strong film he is putting together. Class AA is wide open this season, and Screven County is certainly in the hunt for the state title, so Hunter will have plenty more opportunities to make a case for more FBS and FCS colleges to give him a serious look.

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