Hard Working Deon Durden

Tattnall County’s Deon Durden made a catch for the ages last weekend. The explosive senior receiver had intense man coverage against Liberty County, but he was not to be denied. The defensive back practically threw his entire body at Durden, warranting a pass interference, but the senior reached out with one hand making a remarkable catch down the left sideline, which earned him the #1 play in the state of Georgia for Week 8.

The senior has made a fair amount of highlight reel catches throughout his high school career, but with out any doubt last weekend’s was the most prolific. When we scouted the senior during the offseason, we wondered about his potential as a defensive player, and halfway through the year you can tell he is making strides. 

“Senior year has gone pretty good so far,” Durden said. “This year I have stepped up by playing defensive back for my as well as my typical position wide receiver.”

With several cross-classification and close games early on, Tattnall County has found themselves to be 0-6 on the season, but they are only 0-1 in region, and have a huge game against Brantley County tonight. For Durden, his team and personals goals are still in sight. 

“My main goal that was set for this season was to be first team all region at receiver and to win my region.”

Right now, the Tattnall County senior has no visits planned. That is certainly going to turn around, he’s got a long athletic frame and is just really beginning to scratch the surface in the weight room. Durden is the type of player who could pour on weight in the right college system, and honestly, we really like his upside as a defensive recruit too, especially with the ball skills he displays. 

Durden stays focused on his craft, and wants to continue to improve his game at receiver. “One of the main things I want to work on is route running. Route running is very important to me I try to get as open as I can for my quarterback.”

Anyone who watched Durden junior year, they will quickly see how improved as a a route runner he has become over the last year. Coming out his breaks, Durden is more clean with his footwork, and has become more than just a vertical threat for his squad. 

Interested in recruiting Deon Durden? Click HERE to visit his Recruit Georgia profile. 


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