Goodman off to Good Year

Back during the summer, when there was a brief stretch of camps going on around the state, all we heard about was Trey Goodman out of Norcross. He was a standout performer at these FBU camps, even making top receiver and also “best hustle” too. The camp buzz wasn’t the first time we had heard of Goodman’s name, going through the Norcross system he had played a lot of QB, and was making a switch completely over to receiver here in 2020.

Goodman has been a dynamic threat for Norcross, but it took some time to find exactly where he fit best at the varsity level. His junior year he played some JV QB and also had about 200 yards receiving on the varsity, which earned him 2nd team All-Region. Over the last 12 months the 2021 recruit has really started taking a liking to receiver, and this offseason he made a full time commitment to the position. He started to improve rapidly during the offseason, so we asked how exactly Goodman went about that, and how he dealt with the impact of the virus.

“The offseason was rough. With me switching positions I was really looking forward to the spring, summer, and especially fall. When Covid hit, there were a lot of unknown factors. Would we have a season? If we didn’t, how would we get recruited? Would we use that year of eligibility?”

All are good questions. Goodman felt what most 2021 recruits were experiencing over the last 6 months; the anxieties of not camping or being seen in front of college coaches, especially for an athlete who was still putting together a varsity resume at his new position, but he stayed up beat.

“The only option we had was to be optimistic. Before we were allowed back on campus I would go to the field with my QB, Mason Kaplan, once or twice a week, but that was it, we weren’t allowed to have large gatherings. Once we were allowed back on campus it was all gas no brakes.”

Well the breaks haven’t let up yet, and last Friday Goodman made a play that would be better categorized as terminal velocity instead. The 2021 recruit ran a routine out route in the redzone. He made his break right at the goal line. Senior QB Mason Kaplan saw that Goodman was open and uncorked a pass that was just a tad too high, but Goodman is an explosive athlete with a reported 38″ vertical, and he used every bit of that leaping ability to grab this one. He extended his entire body up to make a one-handed catch,  then turned his focus to the ground below where he tapped his foot in the endzone, completing one of the best receptions we have honestly seen in years.

The play made our top 10 of the week, and finished #2 in the fan vote while also making Hudl’s #1 play in the nation too. To put succinctly, it was an exceptional play from Goodman, and the type of play you typically see from FBS caliber receivers. Speaking of FBS, we asked Goodman where his recruitment was at currently.

“I have been talking to Minnesota, Northwestern, Pennsylvania and a couple of others,” Goodman said.

The 2021 recruit will surely hear more from D1 programs over the coming weeks, especially if he continues this strong start to the year where he is almost at 300 yards in just 3 games. The Norcross program is off to a strong start in 2020, and is currently in our top 10 here in 7-A, but Goodman has bigger aspirations in mind.

“My goal for the remainder of the season is a state championship.”

The Blue Devils will have to go through a lot of tough competition on that path, but having a dynamic receiver like Goodman who can make indefensible catches will create a mismatch throughout the fall. Goodman models his game after Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, and believes his time at QB has given him an edge over other receivers in his class.

“What I think sets me apart from other receivers in the state is my intelligence and ability to take instruction. With my quarterback experience, it’s easy to understand what the intent of the route is and how to get open. Also, knowing what the QB is reading helps me know how to get open.”

Goodman continued to talk about his work ethic, “I also strongly believe that no one will out work me. Most of the big WR recruits in the state are taller and more physically gifted than me, so I have to work that much harder. Additionally, I know how to listen to what a coach is saying and not how they’re saying it.”

It’s very obvious that Goodman is coachable, just look at the progress he has made at receiver in just one year. Give a few more years under his belt, and highlight plays like last Friday will become a weekly theme for him. The senior has consistently shown to have elite ball skills, and we think more college coaches will become interested in the coming weeks and months, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to hear the latest recruiting news on Goodman and the rest of the players around the state of Georgia.

Interested in recruiting Trey Goodman? Click HERE to visit his Recruit Georgia profile.


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