Exciting Friday Afternoon for Caleb Kelly

Caleb Kelly, a powerful run-blocking offensive lineman from Northside-Warner Robins has made big improvements in the gym this offseason. The Class of ’17 offensive lineman just made the 1,000-pound club according to Northside coach Chris Reeves.


His latest measurements show an increase of 20 pounds to his bench press and 30 pounds to his hang clean which was updated just a month ago. Soon after the tweet, Kelly announced on Twitter an offer from the Mercer Bears.


We expect the Bears are just the beginning for the 6’2″, 285-pound offensive guard, who possesses the skills of an FBS offensive lineman. Kelly is really quick and explodes out of his stance. He showcases outstanding lateral quickness, which Northside utilizes a lot by pulling him across the line to crush a linebacker.

Fundamentally, he keeps a flat back and engages with the defender till the end of the play. He is a tenacious blocker, and after finishing off one block, he’ll go after another guy. Kelly doesn’t stop until the whistle is blown and every person in his path has grass stains from being pancaked.

Interested in recruiting Caleb Kelly? Click HERE to view his profile.


Featured image source: Sports Mic

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