Elite 125 – Class of 2019 Rankings

Here is Version 1.0 of our 2019 rankings. We will be updating these rankings for the remainder of the year. If you feel like you were left off, please fill out our NCAA compliant recruiting form by clicking HERE. If you have already filled out the form, we are now officially making 2019 profiles again, so be on the lookout for your profile over the next 30 days. Class of 2020 players, we will ranking your class next at the start of March.

The next big ranking update for the class of 2019 will take place during April, and we will be expanding the rankings to 250 players. The 250 players ties into our goal of getting 250 players into the FBS, which would be a state record for any recruiting class. College coaches interested in our premium service please contact at recruitgeorgia1@gmail.com for a more in-depth look at the class of 2019, including many players who were just left off this list. 

Out of this elite group, 96 of the players have filled out our recruiting form and joined the Recruit Georgia database over the last few years. Our #1 goal is to have the biggest and best database in the state of Georgia so that every part of the state gets equal exposure. 

Please share your thoughts down at the bottom – criticism is welcomed!


1. Jadon Haselwood
WR Cedar Grove

2. Owen Pappoe
LB Grayson

3. Harry Miller
OG Buford

4. Trezman Marshall
ATH Clinch

5. Dominick Blaylock
WR Walton

6. Christopher Hinton

7. Travon Walker
DL Upson Lee

8. Jaylen McCollough
ATH Hillgrove

9. DJ Turner
FS North Gwinnett

10. Jaelin Humphries
DT Mountain View

11. Andrew Booth
CB Archer

12. Warren McClendon
OT Brunswick

13. Jashawn Sheffield
ATH Frederica Acd.

14. Wanya Morris
OT Grayson

15. Joseph Charleston
FS Milton

16. Jalen Perry
CB Dacula

17. Keiondre Jones
OG Callaway

18. Kenyon Jackson
WR Grayson

19. Rashad ‘Bubba’ Cheney
DT Cedar Grove

20. Kenyatta Watson
CB Grayson

21. Kalen DeLoach
LB Islands

22. Jalyn Phillips
FS Archer

23. Kevin Harris
DE Grayson

24. Ramel Keyton
WR Marietta

25. Dante Walker
DE Riverdale

26. Derrian Brown
RB Buford

27. Steele Chambers
ATH Blessed Trinity

28. Warren Burrell
CB North Gwinnett

29. Justin Eboigbe
DE Forest Park

30. Zion Puckett
ATH Spalding

31. Dylan McMahon
C Savannah Christian

32. Jammie Robinson
ATH Crisp

33. Colby Wooden
DE Archer

34. JD Bertrand
LB Blessed Trinity

35. Curtis Fann

36. Nicolas Toomer
FS Sandy Creek

37. Aaron Beasley
ATH Heard Co.

38. KJ Wallace
CB Lovett

39. Logan Cash
DE Winder Barrow

40. King Mwikuta
LB Troup

41. Tyron Hopper
LB Roswell

42. Derrick McLendon
DE Tucker

43. Jaylin Simpson
CB Frederica Acd.

44. Luke Griffin
OG North Murray

45. Tyler Goodson
RB North Gwinnett

46. Jackson Lowe
TE Cartersville

47. Trent Jones
OT Grayson

48. Zach Owens
WR Pope

49. Ronald Thompkins
RB Grayson

50. Ryland Goede
TE Kennesaw Mountain

51. Tru Thompson
DT Grayson

52. Tavian Mayo
CB Lee Co.

53. Jeremy James
OT North Forsyth

54. Tony Mathis Jr
RB Cedartown

55. Austin Kirksey
QB Walton

56. Riley Simonds
OT Buford

57. Mataio Soli
DE Douglass Co.

58. Ahderrious Gee
LB Crisp Co.

59. Jordan Huff
ATH Morgan Co.

60. Travis Tisdale
RB Lowndes

61. Kevon Glenn
LB Dutchtown

62. Kyle Hamilton
FS Marist

63. Carter Colquitt
OG Buford

64. Rodricus Fitten
DE Washington

65. Jalar Holley
DT Buford

66. Myles Farmer
SS Westlake

67. Jamie Pettway
LB Westover

68. Reece McIntyre
OT Buford

69. Javonni Cunningham
WR North Gwinnett

70. Andre Tarver
ATH Ringgold

71. Ty Murray
OL Carrollton

72. Tyler Fromm
TE Warner Robins

73. Christopher Smith
LB Dacula

74. Quinton Newsome
CB North Gwinnett

75. Garmon Randolph
TE Jefferson

76. Jamious Griffin
RB Rome

77. Quevan Lawson
DE Turner Co.

78. Jakai Clark
C Grayson

79. Tra Wilkins
LB Lithonia

80. Kamaar Bell
OG Colquitt Co.

81. Keevan Bailey
CB Salem

82. Winston Wright
WR Memorial Day

83. Sean Brown
TE Coosa

84. Logan Berryhill
WR Camden Co.

85. Emmanuel Jenkins
CB Sequoyah

86. Jeremiah Smith
SS Grayson

87. Jonathan Leech
OT Mill Creek

88. Brannon Spector
ATH Calhoun

89. Knox Kadum
QB Rome

90. Joshua Black
DT Stephenson

91. Jordan Venziale
North Paulding

92. Jay Ward
CB Colquitt

93. Jaelyn Lay
TE Riverdale

94. Isiah Grant
SS North Paudling

95. Taj Dodson
FS OL Mercy

96. Robert Murray
DE Spencer

97. Eric Hicks
DT Benedictine

98. Zach Hayes
OG Jonesboro

99. Khalid Duke
ATH Riverside Military

100. Treron Collins
SS Langston Hughes

101. Jordan Yates
QB Milton

102. Frederick Norman
OT Ridgeland

103. Davis Allen
LB Calhoun

104. Nick Jackson
LB Lovett

105. Jakeen Harris
FS Benedictine

106. DeAnthony Ball
WR Carver-ATL

107. Braylen Weems
ATH Archer

108. Josh Slay
LB Douglas Co.

109. Rashard Revels
SS Colquitt Co.

110. Keyon Brooks
RB Kennesaw Mtn

111. Jeffery Blake

112. Aaron McCarthur
DT Johns Creek

113. Malik Fleming
CB Hapeville

114. JT Middleton
OG Jefferson

115. Ahmad Craig
DE Buford

116. Dominick D’Antonio
OG Etowah

117. Kevin Harris
RB Bradwell Institute

118. KD McDaniel
LB Tift Co

119. Jamari Thrash
WR Troup

120. Zach Calzada
QB Lanier

121. Raykwon Anderson
WR Charlton Co.

122. Tahj Gary
RB Woodward

123. Daniel Lavelle
DE Mary Persons

124. Bo Lawson
ATH Dooly Co.

125. Jeffery Clark
DT McEachern

126. Kendrick Carlton
OT Newton

Editor’s note: Yes, title says Elite 125, and here we are with 126. Our fat fingers accidentally deleted Keiondre Jones, who falls #17 on the list.

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  1. I’m trying to get some exposure, Anyway I can get some help ?

  2. Reply Post By Thelma Woods

    Great job jeffery clark👏🙏😘👍💪

  3. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Where’s keiondre Jones? He’s supposed to be on here.

  4. Reply Post By Anonymous

    First, thanks for service provided for these Athletes…. this is excellent exposure. Next, I hope everyone understands Georgia is a very competitive football state. The initial Elite 125 list reflects excellent talent and as noted there is an additional 125 that will be added in April to round-out the top 250 list for 2019 with the goal of helping the 250 top athletes gain scholarship offers to play at the FBS collegiate level. Look at the highlights/film of the top 125- these boys are ballers- does not mean other kids are not… it means in the eyes of the evaluators the kids listed in top 125 had a slight edge. #keep working hard # stronger motivation #student-athletes #helping all kids play at the next level

  5. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Where is Cole Jacobs- Sequoyah HS WR ,RB, KR, Athlete
    He’s 1st Team All Region and 1st Team All County…
    #1 All County Gridiron recipient for Special Teams K&P Return Man Of the Year..
    I hope your Looking at highlight film, and see who has the best Game film and highlights at Sequoyah High School.

  6. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Important to understand ALL of these athletes are going to have numerous awards, accomplishments and their highlights are exceptional too….. that’s why they are top 125. The next 125 that will round-out the top 250 list will include additional players with numerous awards, accomplishments and great highlights. Someone tweeted “must be room for a north Clayton athlete on this list- he had over 125 tackles his senior year” and they posted highlights of his senior year performance. Only problem ……this is Elite 125 reflecting class of 2019 not seniors in 2018.

  7. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Where is Mustafa Arnold LB he’s solid

  8. Do you get on this because you look the part because sometimes eye candy is only that. Just because your 6’4 260lbs don’t mean you can play football. I see a lot of this y’all have kids ranked because they’re size. Don’t get me wrong I know if your 6’4 your arms are suppose to be longer than a kid who is 6’0 but that don’t mean he is a better player.

    1. Reply Post By Kevin Pressley (raw evolution fitness)


  9. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Missing Paris Brown Mceachern Indians.

  10. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Missing Nasir Curry Mceachern Indians DB!

  11. Reply Post By anoymous

    how are some people ranked in the elite 100 of the 19 class before not on here !

  12. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Why??? Because level of play/performance change. Other players develop, significantly improve their performance and they could possibly out perform other athletes that was on the list. Players relocate, get injured/don’t play as much due to injury. Simply put the list is not static. There will be movement of players based upon a number of factors. You don’t get to stay on a list or a certain ranking. Also players can be ranked 100, but maybe drop to 130 so they wouldn’t make this list and would be on the next list when the top 250 rankings is released.

  13. As answered correctly above, it has been nearly a year since our last 2019 rankings. An entire season took place. The top 250 will be refined and more accurate. If anyone thinks a player is being over looked then please fill out the recruiting form. I will be using this to find more players in the state of Georgia. Also, it should be noted that rankings are not the end all be all. This can be used as a good starting point for a lot of Power 5 teams to start recruiting Georgia, but is undoubtedly not the actual best players in Georgia. The top 250 will appeal to a larger base of schools obviously, and I think there is more subject for opinion because you see so many offers between Group of 5 schools and FCS at this point. That’s why I can only stress filling out the prospect form accurately with solid information will absolutely be read by me. Every submission will be seen. Profiles are going to be rolling out the entire offseason. Premium service for 2019 should be ready in the next 3-4 days. A lot of avenues are being created for the state of Georgia, and I’m continuing to explore more.

  14. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Where’s Jared Atchison from pebblebrook high school

  15. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Jah’quez Evans from Mays High School should be in the top 25. He’s a very dynamic athelete!

  16. Reply Post By Anonymous

    With 10 players in the top 125 it appears Grayson has had another good recruiting class. When is the GHSA going to do something about illegal recruiting. They disqualify the Tucker Girls basketball team for this but don’t have the guts to take on Grayson football. Get real

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      don’t hate bro…grayson is a powerhouse just tell your team to stop biting dust and catch up.

  17. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Grayson isn’t the only school loading up. Go check out Marrietta. You can’t stop parents from moving in to a school district. The parents of these different kids get together and pick a school because they have played together in all star games and been in the camp circuits together. The parents pick the schools. The coaches aren’t coming after them.

  18. Reply Post By Pamela Martin

    You are missing Paris Brown RB McEachern Indians

  19. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Good list, need you guys to show Alcovy High some love…they have some worthy players too!!!

  20. Reply Post By Anonymous

    102 Fred Norman OT is from Ridgeland

    1. Whoops! I guess you can now tell which OT’s I was deciding between.

  21. Reply Post By Davion McGill

    Davion McGill
    Class of 2019
    6’2 240
    Offensive tackle and Defensive end
    2nd Team All Region
    Southwest Georgian Player of the week
    OD All American

  22. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Please take a look at David Bowman of West Forsyth. Starting left tackle at 6’5″ 300lbs

  23. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Missing Aaron Bedgood of Richmond Hill * 1000 yard season & selected Georgia Sports Writers All-State Team *

  24. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Where is Jared Atchison out of Pebblebrook?

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