Dixon Runs Wild in Class A

One of the absolute best running backs over the last two years in Georgia has to be ECI’s Eric Dixon. The 2019 back made All-State this year after rushing for 2005 yards and 26 touchdowns – leading everyone in Class A Public in rushing. Just over the last two years, Dixon has compiled 3400 yards and 45 touchdowns, ranking him near the tops in GA during that time frame.

Football is in Dixon’s bloodline, his grandfather, Eddie, was one of top backs in state history back in his heyday rushing for 7322 yards at ECI, and it doesn’t appear the apple has fallen to far from the tree. His performance this year is the best season at ECI since Washaun Ealey was toting the rock nearly 10 years ago, so how does Dixon feel about his 2018 season?

“I think my senior year went really well for me, and it was definitely the greater of my two years playing football,” Dixon said with humility.

Unfortunately his recruitment has been pretty quiet, and has only received an offer from a NAIA school called Cumberlands. Dixon has a visit planned for next February, but obviously is open to more options.

What stands out about Dixon is his pad level and incredible balance to absorb a tackle attempt and continue to keep his feet moving after contact. Dixon just doesn’t give up, his determination is practically palpable when on film. He makes concise cuts in the open field and does a good job of squaring up his pads getting the most yards possible.

Dixon models his game after NFL great Adrian Peterson. “He’s one of the hardest runners I have seen at RB, and every time I get the football I try to run even harder,” he said.

The tough-minded back admits that he needs to work on his top-end speed more, and that certainly shows up on film, but what you cannot teach is the intangibles the 2019 back displays. Making key plays during the game, moving the chains, and wearing out a defense late to make gashing runs was the theme all year for the 2k yard rusher. He does a good job of reading his blocks and naturally times his cuts at the 2nd level.

The Class A workhorse is a weightlifting warrior putting up 550 lbs. on his squat max (which is up 100 lbs. from a year ago) and 300 lbs. on his bench. He’s a power running back at the end of the day, and should fill out his frame and be over 210 lbs in college.

The senior can gash a defense for 30-40 yard runs consistently. Arm tackles go to the wayside as the powerful back steam rolls those attempts. There is plenty of evidence on film with Dixon dragging D1 caliber defenders for extra yardage, and quite honestly the 2019 recruit deserves similar recruiting attention.

Dixon is a good student-athlete in the classroom boasting a GPA over a 3.5, and his senior year performance should warrant more college interest. You cannot teach effort like Dixon shows on film, so if you are interested in recruiting the All-State running back then click HERE to visit his Recruit Georgia profile.


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