Daring Denzel Dashes Towards Sophomore Year

If you have been following for awhile now, you probably know that we do not write features about any ordinary underclassmen. In fact, we tend to cover only younger players that we are sure will be FBS recruits. There is a litany of reasons for that; one obviously being that you are not sure how a player will develop skill-wise, or how much they will grow, or even the work they will put into their academics.

So when we write a story about a 2023 recruit, it is done with confidence. That’s why tonight we have decided to feature rising sophomore Denzel Moore out of Meadowcreek.

The last few seasons the fledgling football program has seen marked improvement to the point now where Meadowcreek is no longer a program that you can sleep on. Athletes like Moore are a big reason why. The 2023 recruit was very productive his freshman year on the varsity, and going into this upcoming season, Moore will look to breakout as one of metro Atlanta’s premiere pass-rushers.

As we all know, the pandemic has broken up the daily routine for many, but for Moore he has adapted.

“My workouts during the pandemic has slightly changed because where I trained; its an big facility and has the weightroom, vertimax, and explode bars. For the turf field, only certain amount of people are allowed at a time.”

Moore continued, “I take it as an advantage because right now this were people really should be working; telling you if you are not working right now, you are missing out.”

Moore is definitely excited with the GHSA opening workouts back up two Mondays from now. “I promise it will not be the same on June 8th when the gates open back – going to keep grinding!”

At around 6’2″ and 220 lbs., the edge defender will grab your attention right away on film. Couple that with his solid motor, especially for a freshman, then it is easy to expect some college interest for Moore. To put simply, most freshman do not have the impact at the varsity level like Moore.

“During this pandemic I heard a lot from college coaches – you wouldn’t believe it. Coach Carrera and Coach Harrison have been an big help. I can give a good 5 off my head right now, but it has been over 20.”

Obviously with the dead period being extended every month it seems, and the fact that college coaches cannot talk to underclassmen personally, the coaching staff at Meadowcreek has been busy fielding interest from college programs. Moore went on to list that Clemson, Washington, Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia, Long Island, Toledo and Florida State have all shown interest.

It is all well earned interest too. Moore is a tenacious defender with excellent lateral quickness and a legit motor. How he continues to fill out his frame will allow colleges to pinpoint his position at the next level, but either way, he should live off the edge.

Physical development aside, Moore has been working hard to improve on his solid freshman season.

“My biggest improvement from last season that I know will be really important this year is my BGO – Ball Get Off. That’s very important because your first 3 steps depends on how you will make a play. Also, my speed; I ran a 4.67 recently, but I think that can get a lot better too. Lastly, I worked on my swim moves and should dip them keys – you’ll see this year,” Moore said emphatically.

No doubt, we will certainly see how Moore plays this fall – he is absolutely on our radar. We fully expect the college interest to continue to shine on the 2023 recruit, so continue to follow @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to hear more about Moore and all the other prospects here in Georgia.


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