Daniel the All-Purpose Back

Lydell Daniel out of Lithia Springs has been a standout playing varsity football all the way back to his time at KIPP Atlanta when he was a freshman, and now his senior year at Lithia Springs Daniel has over 600 total yards and 9 touchdowns. He’s made some spectacular plays over the years, and certainly one of the best occurred a few Fridays back.

Standing back around the 35-yard line on a punt return, Daniel had to adjust as the ball went soaring further downfield than expected. The senior made a last-second adjustment catching the pass over the shoulder basket style, and now the once receiver in Daniel was a runner, a dangerous one at that. He quickly ran around one tackler and sprinted up the sideline racing by most of the coverage. The last bit of resistance came from the opposing team’s punter, but that was little problem for Daniel who just quickly juked by him and ran the final 30 yards capping off a 75-yard touchdown.

The 5’6″ playmaker earned a spot in our top 10 plays of the week, and a few days later he was awarded the #1 spot here in Georgia. It was the 2nd time this fall that the 2021 recruit had made our top 10.

“I think my size and speed separates me from other running backs. I model my game after Travis Etienne and Alvin Kamara,” Daniel said about his strengths and players he emulates. 

What we like about those comparisons is the fact that Daniel has great hands just like those other backs. The senior hits his top speed quickly, and also shows very good running vision in the open field making well-timed cutbacks just like he did in the final part of his top play.

Over the last year, Daniel has had to adjust like most recruits when it comes to Covid-19. The senior has not let time slip by.

“Covid really hasn’t affected me as much as I thought it would it just allowed me more time to get better at what I love. I think I have improved my ability to make people miss tackles.”

Over the last two years, Daniel has just under 1500 all-purpose yards at Lithia Springs. He is a gadget player who can hurt a defense in a multitude of ways and can certainly make things happen in the open field.

Unfortunately, on the recruiting front, the lack of college camps and coaches moving around the state has sidelined Daniel’s recruitment for the time being, but he believes that his opportunity is on the horizon. The untimely circumstances unfortunately has affected a lot of college prospects in this recruiting class, but we still firmly believe that college interest is bound to uptick the final few months here.

When asked about a quality that he can bring to a college program, Daniel responded,” I want college coaches to know that I’m a very good learner and can be a strong asset to any offense.”

We agree that Daniel adds an interesting dimension to an offensive attack. He mostly ran the football throughout his high school career, but his versatility as a receiver should catch the attention of any spread-heavy team who passes the football a lot.

No doubt, the all-purpose back has some legit acceleration and can get upfield in a hurry; we just think he can be a real weapon in the right offensive attack. Unfortunately, Lithia Springs season did end last Friday in the first round of the playoffs against Calhoun, but Daniel did have another explosive play on special teams with a 90-yard return against the top 10 ranked opponent.

It’s only a matter of time before more colleges recognize the offensive potential of Daniel, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to hear the latest on him and the rest of the athletes across the state.

Interested in recruiting Lydell Daniel? Click HERE to visit his Recruit Georgia profile.


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  1. Reply Post By Idalina Couto

    I’ve known this young man now for four years. Not only has he proven to be a standout athlete, i knew him first as a standout person and student. You see this young man was the older sibling of one of my favorite third grade scholars. I’ll always remember him being the best big brother to her by extending his hand to her, gesturing to give him her book bag so he could carry it for her when he came to pick her up. It’s amazing how a small gesture can leave such a huge impact. He then responded with a “yes ma’am/ no ma’am”
    with any questions i asked. To put it in a nutshell, his attitude is going to take him far in life. He is a force to reckon with both on and off the field. Just an awesome young man. His parents have done a wonderful job raising him and his sister.

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