Class 6-A Preseason All-State

Here is our 2018 Preseason All-State selections for Class 6-A! We will be adding in new classifications each day leading up to August 10th. More preseason content like team rankings will be released on Sunday night on the 12th of August.  Each classification’s All-State team will include 32 players. Every media outlets has their own take, and no All-State team is perfect, so please leave a comment down below, and share your thoughts! MORE PRESEASON TEAMS


QB – Max Brosmer, Centennial
RB – Kevin Harris, Bradwell Institute
RB – Jonquavous Brown, Grovetown
RB – Cade Radam, Creekview
WR – Ridge Polk, Cambridge
WR – Cal Dickie, Centennial
WR – Zach Owens, Pope
WR – Devron Harper, Heritage
OL – Warren McClendon, Brunswick
OL – Will Rogers, Lovejoy
OL – Jake Green, Chattahoochee
OL – Nick Pendley, Creekview
OL – Griffin Carder, Lee Co.
OL – Jaymin Speight, Coffee
K – Cory Munson, Northside-WR
ATH – Jammie Robinson, Lee Co.



DL – Logan Cash, Winder-Barrow
DL – Derrick McClendon, Tucker
DL – Marlon Taylor, Glynn Acd.
DL – Justin Eboigbe, Forest Park
DL – Mataio Soli, Douglas Co.
LB – Will McCarty, Harrison
LB – Kameron Brown, Lanier
LB – DeQuavious Parker, Hughes
LB – Tra Wilkins, Stephenson
DB – Jalen Perry, Dacula
DB – Tavian Mayo, Lee Co.
DB – Jamal Hill, Morrow
DB – Taj Dodson, Creekside
DB – Dedrrick Holmes, Evans
P – Diego Huerta, Douglas Co.
RET – Aaron Bedgood, Richmond Hills




  1. Reply Post By Chief

    Sequoyah players left out again…. Emmanuel Jenkins DB, Collier Pecht QB, and Cole Jacobs WR/Ret will absolutely compete for those spots respectively. We don’t get the hype but we definitely have talent and will make a statement this year!

  2. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Funny how Cade Radam is on here but he rushed for -2 yards against Sequoyahs defense but they don’t have a single defensive player on here🐸☕️

  3. Haha anonymous … funny that was a creekview coaching mistake.. Sequoyah defense didn’t have anything to do with the fact the Cade Radam only ran the ball 2 times… lol Cade had more rushing yards that Sequoyah had passing yards for the season. Different coach different season .. y’all getting so upset over pre season stuff.. let’s see how makes the post season list.

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  5. Reply Post By Anonymous


    1. ZERO All-State players😂😂.. its all good just don’t use ‘holding’ Radam to -2 yards as an argument as to why you think a Sequoyah defensive player should be on the all -state preseason team when your defense had nothing to do with it… if you had been able to contain him I would agree with your statement… y’all have good players, always have can’t wait for the game this season. my opinion… winner should be region champs.

    2. 24-14 😂 I guess when Radam plays y’all dont have a chance. Good game tho…

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