Class 5-A Preseason All-State

Welcome to another Preseason Class 5-A All-State team presented by Recruit Georgia! This is our 5th year running the website, we have done a Preseason All-State team for four consecutive years now. Thank you to everyone who has been around for the ride! Down below we have our preseason team and honorable underneath. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page! MORE PRESEASON TEAMS


PRO – Stratton Tripp, Cartersville
DUAL – Thomas Castellanos, Ware Co.
RB – Damari Alston, Woodward Acd.
RB – Justice Haynes, Blessed Trinity
WR – Jarius Mack, Clarke Central
WR – Maleek Wooten, Jones Co.
WR – Devonte Ross, Cartersville
TE – Patrick Hester, Northview
OL – Weston Franklin, Wayne Co.
OL – Ty Furnish, Blessed Trinity
OL – Buck Barrett, Union Grove
OL – Cameron Ball, Tri-Cities
OL – Jordan Davis, Creekside
OL – Rahyiem Rowe, Creekside
K – Daniel Gibbs, Veterans
ATH – Evan Slocum, Cartersville



DL – Arlis Sutton, Coffee
DL – Neto Okpala, Loganville
DL – Devin Lee, Ola
DL – Beau Shugarts, Greenbrier
DL – Ozzie Hoffler, Woodward Acd.
LB – Michael Mincey, Ware Co.
LB – Ahmad Walker, Warner Robins
LB – Demarcious Robinson, Warner Robins
LB – Ryan Dupont, Blessed Trinity
LB – Errington Truesdell, Woodward Acd.
DB – Alan ‘Taco’ Wright, Woodward Acd.
DB – Legend Doggett, Ola
DB – Jackson Hamilton, Blessed Trinity
DB – Khari Gee, Woodward Acd.
DB – Cole Bishop, Starr’s Mill
P – Brennen Schmitt, Whitewater
RET – Jordan Favors, Griffin


Honorable Mention: Arendez Fedd, Dutchtown/Jaylon Clark, Jones Co./Kyler Johnson, Cartersville/Corey Barnes, Mundy’s Mill/Khalil Roach, Lithonia/Shemar Nelson, Dutchtown/Johnny Gilbert Dutchtown/Kendrick Kirby, Calhoun/Luke Vega, Northgate/Parker Mullis, Coffee/Jalen Farmer, Eastside/Brandon Maina, Hiram/Deon Richardson, Jones/Trevin Wallace, Wayne Co./Vic Burley, Warner Robins/Shaheim Bailey, Stone Mountain/Adon Flukers, MLK/Jaylen Blackwell, Union Grove/Josh Trice, Harris Co./Davis Golick, Woodward Acd./Ethan Greenberg, Grady/Carson Harof, Blessed Trinity/Maurice Turner, Coffee/AJ Franklin, Coffee/Kamron Smith, Veterans/Kedrek Smith, Veterans/TK Norton, Ware Co./Jalen Addie, Warner Robins/Jahlen Rutherford, Warner Robins/Santanna Willis, Warner Robins/Prince Green, Griffin/Quamari Williams, Griffin/Davari Wright, Griffin/Donovan Westmoreland, Griffin/Jeffrey Johnson, Griffin/Ben Anderson, McIntosh/Dalton McGowan, Northgate/Logan Estes, Northgate/Jaimel Johnson, Northside-COL/Ashlynd Barker, Northside-COL/Joseph Rampey, Starr’s Mill/Jeterryous Jones, Banneker/Kobe Harris, Banneker/Silas Rhodes, Whitewater/Montrell Henderson, Drew/Demarcus Snipes, Drew/Jalil Muhammad, Creekside/Ledell Finister, Creekside/Daiquan White, Creekside/Dainsus Miller, Creekside/Ahlik Booker, Jonesboro/Marques Dunn, Jonesboro/Kanye Varner, Jonesboro/Lucius Glynn, Jonesboro/Cameron Barnes, Mundy’s Mill/Nyjay Jones, Tri-Cities/Carter Kulka, Woodward Acd./Dwight Johnson, Dutchtown/KJ Soloman, Dutchtown/Jayden Mosley, Dutchtown/Amari Jackson, Eagle’s Landing/Rodney Wimbush, Locust Grove/Tunde Aliu, Locust Grove/Freddie Felton, Ola/Otis Coleman, Ola/Jaylen Jackson, Stockbridge, Devion Newson, Stockbridge/Braylin Madkins, Stockbridge/Mekhi Brewton, Stockbridge/Evan Jackson, Woodland/Ali Abdul-Barr, Woodland/Javin Bostic, Woodland/Justin Weaver, Decatur/Kriston Esnard, Decatur/Isaac Dimmock, Decatur/Kristopher Williams, Decatur/Jomel Robinson, MLK/Tory Jones, SW DeKalb/Rion White, SW DeKalb/Robert Grady, SW DeKalb/Camden Wooden, St. Pius/Austin Taylor/St. Pius/Ayden Clark-Veal, Chapel Hill/Jayden Smith, Chapel Hill/Amari Little, Grady/Raveon Moore, Maynard Jackson/Jelani Miller, Maynard Jackson/Chris Newby, Maynard Jackson/Jeremiah Rowe, Maynard Jackson/Lydell Daniel, Lithia Springs/Michael Wilson, Lithia Springs/Horatio Fields, New Manchester/Teondre Carter, New Manchester/Malik Laurent, New Manchester/Robert Smith, North Springs/Brady Smallwood, Villa Rica/David Coltrane, Blessed Trinity/Englan Williams, Blessed Trinity/JC French, Blessed Trinity/Jerrian Hames, Calhoun/Carson Griffin, Calhoun/Qunate’ Jennings, Cartersville/Kolbe Benham, Cartersville/Amari Orr, Cartersville/David Gabadie, Cass/Tanayce Calhoun, Cass/CJ McGarity, Hiram/Jahseim Henry, Woodland-Cartersville/Tauheed Ferguson, Apalachee/Justin Hodges, Clarke Central/Lucian Anderson, Clarke Central/Montavious Cunningham, Clarke Central/Nicholas Benton, Eastside/James Amos, Eastside/Sincere Johnson, Eastside/Brayden Collett, Greenbrier/Davin Driskell, Greenbrier/Wilkes Riggins, Greenbrier/Andrew King, Jackson Co./Tyler Vaughn, Jackson Co./Austin May, Loganville/Dozie Okpala, Loganville/Brady Dexter, Walnut Grove


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  1. This mention shi is not accurate. And the preseason teams are going to be different by the end of the season !

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