Cartersville Sophomore Looking to Breakout

Cartersville is a consensus top 5 team in 5A and it still seems like not enough talking heads are bringing up the Hurricanes. The program has consistently been one of the best in the state for a decade now, and there are always players emerging as each season progresses. Sophomore Reed Ezell looks like a player who could be the next to have an impact.

Just last week, the 2026 prospect made one of the top plays of the week where he shaded back into his zone and read the Columbia QB’s eyes perfectly on a pass out to the sideline. Ezell high-pointed the pass, masking the receiver from the football. The 6′ sophomore then spun out of the tackle and raced down the sideline side-stepping one last player before crossing the goal line.

The exciting highlight play is just a microcosm of the type of year Ezell has experienced.

“This year has been off to a great start as we are 4-0 going into Week 5. The experience of playing on Friday night has been surreal and I can’t wait to see where our team goes,” he said.

For the rest of the season, Ezell and his teammates seem to have one goal in mind.

“My goal is to help my team win a state championship however I can.”

Ezell is an interesting 2026 recruit and we look forward to watching his progress. He plays a number of positions and has shown very good progress in the weight room already rocking out 435 lbs. on his squat max during the offseason. The sophomore talked about the strides he has made in the last year.

“I feel like I’ve mostly improved as a safety over the past year. I’ve become more confident in coverage and with each game, I feel more comfortable at safety in general.”

On top of his athletic progress, Ezell is a top-notch student with a 3.9 GPA. Since he is a sophomore, there isn’t a whole to report with his recruitment, but we have a feeling that sophomore will continue to sharpen up his game and is a name to follow as improves throughout his high school career.

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