Bunkley Determined to Prove Doubters Wrong

Brandon Bunkley from Columbia high school has worked his way through the murky recruiting waters over the last few years to get to this point. The 2019 offensive lineman has not always been swimming with the current either, and even though he does not possess the resources that some 2019 recruits take for granted, he has still made a name for himself in the recruiting world.

Standing at 6’2.5″-6’3″, and weighing right at 300 pounds, Bunkley certainly showcases a powerful blocking style that can send a defender flying back. One of his best games last fall came against Miller Grove, who at the time had two legit FBS pass-rushers that he went up against. Scouts came to see the defensive ends, but left the game talking about Bunkley’s performance.

Still, there is doubters and detractors – our latest 2019 rankings reflect just those sentiments. A lot has changed since last fall though.

“During the offseason I have been improving on my technique, and boosting my numbers in the weight room,” Bunkley said.

According to our database, Bunkley has increased his bench press significantly since a year ago, and with a spotter recently he got close to 400 pounds. He has also increased his squat up to over 500 pounds, and has focused on improving his general flexibility as well.

That hardwork in the gym should pay dividends for Bunkley during the evaluation period and into the summer camp season. The 2019 recruit is a grinder out on the gridiron, and is on a mission to prove everyone wrong.

He goes into each game with a massive chip on his shoulder. Over the last 6-8 months, we have scouted most of the offensive line prospects for the class of 2019, and Brandon Bunkley has to be one of the fiercest competitors we have seen.

Bunkley admits that his “technique needs work.” When you take in account that Bunkley currently does not have an o-line coach on staff at the moment, then some of the puzzle pieces start to fall in place. If provided the resources, there is no reason to doubt that the 2019 recruit cannot just play, but excel in a run-heavy offensive system at the next level – especially at the center spot where he is slated to play in 2018.

Bunkley loves the game of football, and in the last year he has really improved his ability to get up field and make blocks at the 2nd level. He has a wide frame, and should be able to maintain 300 pounds with losing any of quickness off the ball. In fact, with his improved flexibility, we are expecting him to be even quicker.

Right now, the former Rising Senior’s alumni is hearing from Purdue, Georgia Tech, Georgia State and Southern Illinois. He plans to camp at West Virginia and Purdue for sure.

There will be a lot on the plate for Bunkley over the next few months, so stay tuned to @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to hear the latest on the 3.5 GPA student-athlete from Columbia high school. Interested in recruiting Brandon Bunkley? Click HERE to visit his Recruit Georgia profile.


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