Brown is a Big Key to South Atlanta’s Success

Keyjuan Brown out of South Atlanta is a dynamic junior with already 2353 career rushing yards and 28 total touchdowns. He already has totaled 340 yards this fall in just two games, giving him a 170-yard average plus 7 touchdowns.

The preseason 2A All-State running back is averaging a whopping 12.6 yards per carry right now, and last week he went wild with over 300 all-purpose yards and 6 touchdowns in a 60-30 win over Mundy’s Mill. Brown had one touchdown in particular that grabbed our attention, and it was an 86-yard kickoff return where he blistered through the middle of the field, then made a cutback at the 50 to the sideline, and stiff-armed the final opponent before trotting into the endzone.

Everything that makes Brown a special back was on display. The excellent balance, incredible top-end acceleration, and strength to break tackles; it’s clear why the 2023 back already has offers like Arkansas and Virginia under his belt even before the start of the season.

“Recruitment has been going good, I have talked to a couple of coaches. A few new teams have contacted including Ohio State, Liberty, Vanderbilt, and Wake Forest,” Brown said.

Brown, who models his game after Norcross legend Alvin Kamara, doesn’t have any visits planned just yet but says there will be some coming real soon. We certainly expect the recruiting attention to heat up.

The junior believes that his top-end speed and stamina have improved the most from last season. From watching his film, that definitely seems to be the case, but also, Brown has continued to fill out his 5’10” frame and is up to around 190 lbs. This fall, we expect more broken tackles, and Brown has a great chance to end up leading all of 2A in rushing yards.

Being a great athlete is just one part of the equation that makes Brown an exciting running back. He also plays with a passion every Friday night he suits up, and views playing in-between the hashes as a domicile.

“My favorite part about playing on Friday night is getting away from everything that happening and just playing football.”

The 2023 running back clearly loves the game and has the type of talent that could help propel South Atlanta to their second consecutive region title. That was the case last season at least, so a rational-thinker would assume the same, but football can be irrational from one season to the next. Region play kicks off tonight where South Atlanta takes on Lovett. This could be another special season for the Hornets and Brown, so be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to hear the latest news and updates.


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