B-Moss Playing Like a Boss

Brandon Moss entered the 2021 season fresh off an All-Region year playing on the defensive side of the ball. The 6′ 190 lbs. Fayette Co. senior has upped his game this fall, and in Week 1 Moss made one of the top plays in the state of Georgia on the offensive side of the ball.

Standing at midfield, Moss was lined up at running back, a newer position for Moss, but one that he’s already made an impact at. Moss got the snap and quickly went sprinting upfield. The Midtown defense collapsed on Moss, but he was not to be denied. Moss quickly spun out of one tackle, but right back into pursuit, which he then promptly stiff-armed a slew of defenders until he broke free. With the field now wide open, Moss sprinted the rest of the way for a 50-yard score.

The play was explosive and shows all of the hard work he has done over the last year.

“I’m much bigger and stronger. I feel very comfortable guarding any receiver or running back.” Moss continued, “Over the past year and really the past couple of years, both my body and play style has improved in a significant way.”

On the recruiting, Moss has been patiently waiting for his opportunity.

“My recruiting journey hasn’t been exactly what I wanted but I’m definitely not giving up on it. I have had multiple schools contact me about my film and some like what they see. Most are waiting for the end of my senior season for some more film. No offers yet though.”

Such is recruiting life during these pandemic days, which has created a ripple effect that should affect college recruiting for the next few years even. Still, we think Moss is a pretty underrated recruit.

Moss is also on the Fayette County track & field team. He’s made an impressive jump in the weight room, and according to our notes, he has gained 15 lbs. of muscle since his junior year. Moss has made major gains in the weight room, and just earlier this month he squatted 435 three times. Just a year ago, Moss’ max was just 350, so an incredible improvement in just 12 months’ time.

Moss has a few goals planned out for this season. He would like to make the All-State team on defense while also making 1st team All-Region and County. The Fayette County senior said it best, “(I) want to ball out every Friday night.”

This season Moss is showing more versatility, but we still like him as a hybrid SS/OLB prospect who can play out in space and use his athleticism to attack spread offenses. Moss agrees, and feels his upside on the defensive side of the ball is most advantageous.

“In college, I definitely feel like I would fit better on the defensive side of the ball. I have grown to love defense more over the years and I like my ability to be free on the defense and make plays. It’s exciting and enjoyable.”

Moss currently doesn’t have any visits planned for this fall, but with the dead period ending this month that could change, especially as more of his senior film becomes available. Moss said he was eager to get out and visit as many schools as possible.

With it being Moss’ final year of football at the high school level, we asked him to look back and reminisce on what he enjoys the most about playing on Friday nights.

“My favorite part about playing on Friday night is making the huge plays. Big plays can shift the momentum of a game completely, especially when the crowd and band are going crazy. Overall, making those big plays gets your team fired and may spark them to do the same.”

Clearly, Moss has a passion for the game, especially on the defensive side of the ball. We think he has some legit DI/DII upside, especially with the dramatic improvement he has made in just the last year with his athleticism and strength. That work ethic should carry into college, so it’s really never a better time to start recruiting the 2022 athlete out of Fayette County, so be sure to follow him on Twitter to see the latest recruiting news.


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