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Today’s Play of the Day selections are between two dual threat quarterbacks with an impressive set of wheels. East Paulding’s Dylan Prater and LaGrange’s LaPerion Perry had almost identical stats from last fall. Both are really fast and capable of making a busted play into +50 yard scores but which of the super slippery athletes had the best play in the video above?

We want you to decide! Voting ends tonight at MIDNIGHT and you can vote up to 25 times! Winner will receive a featured story on our website!

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  1. Reply Post By toby young

    Perry because he seemed to have been more valuable to his team success.

  2. Reply Post By Lisa Harrison

    I vote for perion, hes been a great asset to the team. Great all roound player and team player.

  3. Reply Post By Bryan Thomas

    Perry all day

  4. Reply Post By Randy Cone

    Prater. He’s tactical. Not just reactive. Will take a hit to make sure he puts the team in the best position. Tough kid. Not a hotdog or show off.

  5. Prater he’s got more heart than anyone.

  6. Reply Post By Perry Ellis

    Dylan Prater. Team leader. More heart. Not a show off. Tons more heart.

  7. Reply Post By Don fellows.

    Prater, he’s better.

  8. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Perry all the way??

  9. Reply Post By Jr Bray

    Perry all the way??

  10. Reply Post By Bridget Stanley

    Perry is an all around team player that takes pride in his team! He can and will play any position with heart! He also is great on special teams as kick off/ punt return. Not afraid to take take a hit! Just Watch his hudl!!!!

  11. Reply Post By Connor

    Prater needs it he is a hard worker he is pound for pound more athletic

  12. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Perry of course!!!

  13. Reply Post By Javary

    Perry all day he’s a good person on and off the field

  14. Reply Post By Shantaveous


  15. Reply Post By Shaquandria Brown

    Perry has heart and skills! He is an athlete, you can’t put him in a box. From any position he will deliver greatness. #HUDL ???

  16. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Perry of course ??

  17. Reply Post By Anonymous


  18. Prater

  19. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Perion is a great player that has the drive needed to help his team succeed. Perion is also humble on and off the field.

  20. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Perry just bc he my nigga

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous


  21. Reply Post By Coach Mioe

    Prater definately

  22. Reply Post By Demonte

    Prater is better.

  23. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Perry , he’s a good player .

  24. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Perry all the way

  25. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Perry is a tremendous athlete who more than cares for the team

  26. Reply Post By Dioshanik

    Perry ❤️

  27. Reply Post By Sloth body

    Perry ‼️?

  28. Reply Post By Gorilla neck

    Perion runs a 3.7 on jessus

  29. Reply Post By Kamsmom

    Perry because he have the ❤️ for the game and he’s a very humble guy that’s just enjoying what he loves and that’s being FAST with a basketball or football; he takes PRIDE in what he does!k

  30. Reply Post By Anonymous


  31. Reply Post By Vondez

    Perry ?

  32. Prater can also play any position on the field he started at Corner his sophomore year he lettered in track and lacrosse as a sophomore also. He is a effort guy with breakaway speed

  33. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Perry……………Because he can’t be stop, he go hard every play and can adjust to any and everything………… HE WILL PLAY TO THE END!!!!!!!!!

  34. Reply Post By Melissa Daniel

    Perry…loves the game and also a great athlete…great young man!

  35. Reply Post By Coach Mike

    Prater with the Win what a close competition! good luck this year to Laperion Perry. We will keep on eye out for you this year! Good luck at the next level

  36. Reply Post By Adrienne

    Perion he’s an outstanding team player

  37. Reply Post By Weehunt

    Prater can pass as well as run he is a true dual threat

  38. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Perry all day every day

  39. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Perry because he can make things happen

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