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Two receivers whose recruitment has really begun to heat up are Justin Gibbs from Aquinas and Noah Holland from Locust Grove. The two rising seniors both have great hands and focus when catching long passes but who had the more impressive catch in the video above?

We want you to decide! Voting ends tonight at MIDNIGHT and you can vote up to 25 times! Winner will receive a featured story on our website!

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Who do you think should win? Leave a comment below!



  1. Reply Post By Joshua

    That kid Gibbs is a beast!!! Gibbs all Day!!!

  2. Justin!!! Whoop whoop!!!

  3. Go NOAH!!! Holland all day everyday 🙂 LG on top

    1. Reply Post By Donald Trump

      go justin

    2. I agree!!! #teamnoah

  4. Reply Post By Jp lambert

    I play with Gibbs on a daily basis i don’t care who he’s up against I take him any day

  5. Reply Post By Lesly

    Go Justin!!! Sending my support from NJ?

  6. Reply Post By Brian

    Go NOAH HOLLAND !! ? You got this !!!

    1. Reply Post By nun ya

      no he doesent actually

  7. Reply Post By Lissa

    GO NOAHH.!!!!??‼️??

    1. Reply Post By Donald Trump

      Boo Noah

      1. Reply Post By Anonymous


  8. Reply Post By Amber

    Wow!!! Go Justin!!!

  9. Reply Post By Brian

    No competition team Noah !

    1. Reply Post By Donald Trump

      lol no comp??

  10. Reply Post By Rickey Smiley

    The video speaks for itself. Justin had a clean catch. Voting for buddy! #Whoop@$$

  11. Good Job boys, but have got to give it to Gibbs. Pretty nice catch !!! ??

  12. Reply Post By Cravo

    My boy Noah got this??‼️?

    1. Reply Post By Donald Trump


  13. Reply Post By Shane P

    Wow Justin NIIIIIIIIIIIICEEEEEEE CATCH!!! ???????? we want to see more!!! You know who I’m voting for!! ?

  14. Reply Post By Brian

    Noah you are my inspiration to play football , I want you to win this ! ??

  15. All hand up!!! GO Justin!!!!??

  16. Reply Post By Brittani

    Go Noah! You gone come out on top cuzzo?

  17. You got this cuzzo! You gone knock em out ???✊?

  18. Reply Post By Menyada Johnson

    Go Justin!!!!! Love you! I’m extremely PROUD of you!!!

  19. Reply Post By Uknowhoitis

    Oh yes my man 2’1s #besthands

  20. Well it’s pretty clear to me #11 Go Gibbs!!! ????????☘☘☘☘???

  21. Reply Post By Reina

    Good Job boys! My vote was for Justin. We ❤️ You and are so very proud of you! Awesome player and awesome young man! going far! Keep up the great work!! ????

  22. Go cousin !! Justin is the bomb. That one hand catch is always on point!

  23. Reply Post By Olivia AKS Fatfateee


  24. Reply Post By Chels

    Is it bad that I go to LG but want to vote for #11 ? Sorry 🙁 #GoGibbs! #Hottie

  25. Reply Post By hakeali

    Go Noah !!

  26. Reply Post By Thomas B

    Nice catch Gibbs! All those offers aren’t a surprise!

  27. Reply Post By Mama Shirley

    Noah is the best WR out. Show up and show out. This is your time.

  28. Reply Post By Mamdy

    Way to go Justin, soooooooooooo proud of you. You got this in the bag.

  29. Reply Post By Annaise

    Very proud of you Justin! You got this!!

  30. Reply Post By Carmen

    Would love to see a story on Gibbs!

  31. Reply Post By K-Wint

    Go Noah, he works harder than anyone I know. he deserves this !

  32. Reply Post By K-Wint

    Go Noah, he works harder than anyone I know. he deserves this ! Go locust grove

  33. Reply Post By Brian

    Go Noah!!

  34. Reply Post By GAYLYNN WATTS


  35. Reply Post By Karen

    going to sleep, but not before voting for Justin of course! He’s such a champ!

  36. Reply Post By Kiriah

    ☘☘☘Aquinas ☘☘☘ #11 #JG

  37. Noah straight up best wr I’ve seen in a long time ‼️?

  38. Reply Post By Stephanie Lovett


  39. Reply Post By Rylee Lovett

    Go cuzzo!!! #11

  40. Reply Post By Michigan

    Gibbs balls out all day eryday?????

  41. Reply Post By Marcia

    Go Noah
    Go Noah
    Man you are a beast boi !!!
    Do your thing homie

  42. Reply Post By Deelo

    I like Justin’s he’s a very intelligent player and works hard. Go Irish #15 check my highlights out in my bio on Instagram @deelo._

  43. Reply Post By Colin Martin

    Noah is on ???

  44. Reply Post By Deelo

    Justin should win cleanest catch of the year???????

  45. This got to be rigged. Why every time we vote for Justin, this other boys % go up?! Hmmmmmm?

    1. Rigged? You must be kidding. I’m from Marietta and the only one who runs the site.

  46. Reply Post By Barack Obama

    I don’t know this kid but the kid Justin Gibbs has a clean and better catch..I think he has the catch of the year

  47. Reply Post By Colin Martin

    NOAH ?????

  48. Reply Post By Alex Martin

    All day

  49. Reply Post By Starr


  50. Reply Post By Kynnedi

    #4 Noah !!!!! Proud of u cuzo…..clearly everyone can see that U R A BEAST!!!! #teamholland #4 #LGHS #baller #beastmode #athletic

  51. Jg all the way. Way to rep pfftn

  52. Reply Post By Cuz Sherry

    Yayyyyyyyy Noah!!!!! Catch of the year!!! Woot….woot!!!


  54. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Keep working ! Don’t listen to the negativity or others. If they don’t want to give you props you make them! Nice catch !

  55. Reply Post By Marie Barjon

    Proud of you young man! Go Noah.

  56. Reply Post By diego

    Team Noah ?

  57. Reply Post By Joyce Fitz

    Justin Gibbs should win awesome athlete!

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