Week 7 Top Plays


Welcome to the RG Top 10! Here are the 10 best plays we found from WEEK 7 in the state of Georgia! Each play is an impressive combination of athleticism and electrifying football talent, but who deserves to walk away #1 of the Recruit Georgia Top 10? That is for you to decide! 

Voting stops 10 PM Monday and you can only vote once every hour. Top 3 plays will get a featured story this week, and #1 play will receive a custom highlight, so cast your vote now, and let the best play win! – MORE TOP PLAYS




Who do you think should win? Leave a comment below!



  1. Reply Post By Tommie Louie

    Jordan Louie

    1. Reply Post By Tommie L Louie

      Jordan Louie is not only an excellent athlete ,but also a very fine,well rounded young gentleman.

    2. Reply Post By Anonymous

      We love jaylon in our community. We need more kids respectful like him ! GO DAWGS

      1. Reply Post By Lorelei chapman

        We’re proud of you Jaylon! Keep up the good work! Your a great leader and hard worker! We love you!

  2. Reply Post By Pam McCollins

    Jordan Louie is an amazing hard working extraordinary respectful young man with an athleticism that is unbelievable!

  3. Reply Post By Timothy Moore

    Jordan Louie is a great all around player

  4. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Tyson greenwade is an amazing kid. Great role model

    1. Reply Post By Melba Hellem Miore

      Jordan Louie awesome football player🏈 goes hard for his team

  5. Reply Post By Tonya williams

    We are proud of you. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

    1. Reply Post By Stacy Simmons

      Jayson Calhoun

  6. Reply Post By Tonya williams


  7. Reply Post By S. Killings

    Jordan Louie = Beast Mode!!! Keep up the great work kid 💙

    1. Reply Post By Tiffany

      Davenport been making plays since peewee league #ItsInHisBLOOD #Davenport #3 #DoItFor5 #Roswell #Va2Ga #757to770 #Phatz2x

  8. Reply Post By Tiffany

    Davenport been making plays since peewee league #ItsInHisBLOOD #Davenport #3 #DoItFor5 #Roswell #Va2Ga #757to770 #Phatz2x

  9. Reply Post By Fannie Oliver

    Jordan Louie awesome player

    1. Reply Post By Shanna

      Jaylon is a student-athlete, very humble kid, loved by his community because he carry his self well. It amazing how kids as well as adults look up to him. He will know that academics and a first and sports is 2nd! Lanier county is proud of you! Go Dawgs & Let’s be Gr8❤️

  10. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Jordan Louie, is a awesome young man with a great work ethic, talent and skill. Let’s Jordan.

  11. lets go sam brown!!!

  12. Jordan is a all around player that can break at anytime

  13. Reply Post By Jo Nan Holbrook

    Jaylon Calhoun not only is a Team Leader but a leader in academics as well ! Jaylon has always believed in hard work on and off the field…. His work ethics shows his dedication and determination not only to become the best but to help others be the best they can be! THAT IS A TRUE LIFE PLAYER♥️😎🎉🏈🐾

  14. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Jaylon represent his community and school 🏫 you can walk around the school or the community and what the answers you get! Go Jaylon your a great student, great guy and definitely athlete! ❤️

  15. Ur mom is the best player

  16. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Samuel Brown

  17. Reply Post By Anonymous


  18. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Jalen Calhoun

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