Week 5 Top Plays


Welcome to the RG Top 10! Here are the 10 best plays we found from WEEK 5 in the state of Georgia! Each play is an impressive combination of athleticism and electrifying football talent, but who deserves to walk away #1 of the Recruit Georgia Top 10? That is for you to decide! 

Voting stops 10 PM Monday and you can only vote once every hour. Top 3 plays will get a featured story this week, and #1 play will receive a custom highlight, so cast your vote now, and let the best play win! – MORE TOP PLAYS




Who do you think should win? Leave a comment below!



  1. Reply Post By Ellen Cameron

    Walter Blanchard is a very fine young man both on and off the field! I would love to see Walter receive this honor.

  2. One of the best one handed grabs I’ve ever seen!!!!

  3. Reply Post By Anonymous

    The bat high school football run I have ever seen. Nothing will beet dragging the entire other team into the end zone for 20 yards.

  4. Reply Post By Anonymous


  5. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Closest thing I’ve seen to a Jim Brown type run in person. Literally put his team on his back for the score. Shawn Braxton is also a leader in the classroom and the community.

  6. Reply Post By Anonymous

    That run! Stud!

  7. Reply Post By Stephanie

    Shawn Braxton! Amazing player who is dedicated to his sport and his team. He’s an incredibly hard worker, loves the sport, people, and Jesus.

  8. Shawn Braxton should win. He’s a beast on the field

  9. Reply Post By Peggy Bladen

    Walter Blanchard a great play!

  10. Reply Post By Peggy Bladen

    Walter Blanchard! A great play. An outstanding young man.

  11. Reply Post By Ron HAMBY

    Walter Blanchard. That was a fantastic one-handed catch!

  12. Walter Blanchard more like OBJ

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