Week 5 Standouts

Just perusing thru GHSF Daily’s top performers of the week, excluding their top 5, and selected several standout players to highlight. We have provided their stats and some additional scouting to go along with their Hudl film from that game. I will say, shout out to Keyjuan Brown for making the GHSF Daily player of the week, he was featured last week on the website.

This is the first-ever ‘Standouts’ feature (I might even change the name), so we’ll how it works out. Next weekend I’ll try to track some stat leaders myself. So let’s dive and see how this goes! Disclaimer: The athletes that I pick are solely based on my intrigue from seeing the stat line and how impressive the Hudl film looks. I also might add more players as the week continues. 

Fabian Walker Jr.
Key Stats: 367 passing yards and 5 touchdowns (1 half)

Chamblee is averaging 53.8 yards per game this season and has a 4-1 record. Walker is a big reason why, and the 2023 QB is doing a great job of spreading the football around to a slew of playmakers. Walkers throws a nice ball from short to intermediate-range with a nice touch driving the football downfield. He has a deceptive burst when scrambling gaining nice chunks of yardage. Walker has a fairly high release point. Currently, Walker has 1152 yards passing on the season and 19 touchdowns with 3 interceptions. Walker is one pace to throw over 2k this year, and Chamblee is set to potentially go on a good win-streak here in the coming weeks. At 6’3″, and a solid feel for the game, Walker should certainly attract D1 schools in the coming months.

Tyler Crow
East Jackson
Key Stats: 278 rushing yards & 3 touchdowns while throwing 2-3 for 71 yards & 1 TD

You don’t run for 278 yards without a lengthy Hudl video to go through. Crow was extremely elusive in East Jackson’s 56-27 victory over East Hall. The senior stands 5’11” and has quick feet with good acceleration bouncing out to the sideline. He is a fluid athlete who can change direction seamlessly well. His two throws were off screen passes and that playcalling more or less keeps the defense honest. Crow’s quickness and ability to change direction without losing much speed suggest some potential upside at slot receiver at the next level.

KD Hutchinson
Harris Co.
Key Stats: 135 receiving yards & 2 touchdowns

The Vandy commit was on his game in their huge victory over 7A Newnan. The 5A program leaned heavily on Hutchinson with 8 receptions, two of which went for scores. Hutchinson is an offensive dynamo but also a big play waiting to happen on special teams, and last week he had several +35 yard returns to give Harris County great field positioning. Hutchinson was our pick for 5A athlete in the preseason, and he is showing why he is one of the more dynamic players in the state with the football in his hands.

James Thorpe
The Heritage School
Key Stats: 173 rushing yards & 3 touchdowns

At 6’3″ and 245 lbs., Thorpe is easily one of the biggest running backs in the state of Georgia. Against a solid Chattooga defense, Thorpe carried his team forward, and some of the Chattooga players for extra yardage as well. The Heritage School’s 38 points were the most points Chattooga has given up all season, but his squad did fall short. Thorpe is looking explosive coming out of his cuts, and doing a nice job of breaking tackles at an extremely high clip. Thorpe keeps his legs constantly driving and utilizes a good stiff arm to literally throw defenders to the ground. There is no question that Thorpe is a D1 caliber athlete, the only debate is what position at the next level is best for the senior. Right now, he is like the Derrick Henry of Class A Private. 

Isaiah Taylor
Key Stats: 6 tackles for loss, 5 sacks & 2 hurries

The 6’1″ 200 lbs. senior was dominant against Peachtree Ridge showing strong hands at the point of attack, consistently knocking the OL backward. He was relentless in getting around blockers, showing good agility at changing directions and creating chaos in the backfield. Taylor put on a clinic against both OT’s for Peachtree Ridge, and many cases just bull-rushed through the blocks. At the next level, Taylor will most likely be standing up more than having his hand in the dirt; he’s a good-playing edge defender with an excellent motor. 

Brandon Denmark
Montgomery Co.
Key Stats: 131 receiving yards & 1 touchdown with 11 tackles on defense

Denmark is small, somewhere around 5’6″, but a very fast athlete out of Montgomery County who runs a 10.91 100M, and is blowing by defenses his senior year. Denmark is a utility player who lines up all around the field for Montgomery County on offense while also being one of their most consistent defenders on the team. Just from looking at Denmark, you wouldn’t expect him to be so strong, but he packs a punch. He takes on blocks with strong physical hands then performs textbook tackles driving his legs through his opponent. His impact on the game is huge for Montgomery County and according to GHSF Daily they are 4-0 for the first time since 1989. They come into our Week 6 rankings #10 in Class A Public, and Denmark is a huge reason why.


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