Week 10 Top Plays


Welcome to the RG Top 10! Here are the 10 best plays we found from WEEK 10 in the state of Georgia! Each play is an impressive combination of athleticism and electrifying football talent, but who deserves to walk away #1 of the Recruit Georgia Top 10? That is for you to decide! 

Voting stops 10 PM Monday and you can only vote once every hour. Top 3 plays will get a featured story this week, and #1 play will receive a custom highlight, so cast your vote now, and let the best play win! – MORE TOP PLAYS




Who do you think should win? Leave a comment below!



  1. Kellon Middleton is a best all around student athelete. He shows great leadership and is outstanding in academics. He is a well deserving student. He also has good morals.

    1. Preach it Mrs Glenda

  2. Reply Post By Dorothy Hickox

    Kellon is a model student in the classroom and a leader in any sports arena! He is a very respectful young man and his character displays consideration of others feelings. His morals are of a high standard as well and one can witness this upon seeing him in action on the school campus and wherever he may be. His parents have taught him these high morals and ultimately he chooses to be a standout among his peers! He is a self motivator!! My vote shall always be for Kellon Middleton!

  3. Reply Post By Inside Source

    Kellon Middleton has clearly been cheating the past hour. He went from 100 – 1000 in the past hour? Interesting, Recruit Georgia.

    1. Reply Post By Kathy Hendrix

      Excuse me how would you cheat? He has a multitude of students as well as community leaders and Brantley County citizens behind him. He is a model student and a role model for every student at BCHS. And cheating is not his way anyway! He’s a straight up guy! He’s a good kid. It’s just in the last twos hours we have made a huge push in our small county to get behind him and as usual when one of our kids are in need our county and it’s people step up! That’s all’s!!

    2. Reply Post By Taylor Cangialosi

      Heron nation comes in full force when it comes to our kids! He did cheat we support our students

      1. Reply Post By Anonymous

        Did not cheat*

  4. Reply Post By mikejohnson111@yahoo.com

    Ummmm why has Kellon Middeton’s gone up so quickly???

    1. Reply Post By Yo daddy


    2. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Because our entire county is supporting him along with his friends and family from other places!! We come in full force for our kids!!

      1. Reply Post By westin perkins

        kellon middleton is the goat hands down!!! He been balling out since freshman year, he has earned and deserves this!!

    3. Reply Post By Anonymous

      It’s probably because everyone is just getting home and having time to vote. David Lalaian’s votes were right there with Kellon’s and I don’t think they were cheating either.

    4. Reply Post By Anonymous

      It’s probably because everyone is just getting home from work and having time to vote. David Lalaian’s votes were right there with Kellon’s and I don’t think they were cheating.

  5. Reply Post By Deedee Buglino

    Kellon Middleton is an outstanding student. Dedicated, Focused, Hard working young man with a heart that loves people and will do anything that he can for anyone.
    He is committed to his goals. A Great team player.
    Everyone he meets loves him dearly.

  6. Reply Post By Anonymous

    kellon middleton is a great player on and off the field

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Don’t have to cheat when you’re a well deserving player, and the entire county supports him

      1. Reply Post By Anonymous


  7. Reply Post By Anonymous

    I agree how is Kellon votes so high. Must be cheating?!!!!

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Our whole county is voting for him. That is why it has shot up. No cheating involved

    2. Reply Post By Anonymous

      No cheating! Our county supports him while heartedly!! With just a few shares of this poll and we have thousands that will support him, and vote for him!

  8. Reply Post By Mike Maday

    Middleton all the way!

  9. kellon is our best athlete and is outstanding in the classroom too. he is very disciplined and deserves to win this. vote kellon middleton❤️

  10. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Kellon Middleton for Heisman

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      ?? You do realize that’s college, not high school, right? And you don’t get the Heisman through a voting contest online. ?

      1. Reply Post By Yo daddy

        Right over your head huh? Get smart

  11. Reply Post By Anonymous

    We ❤️ You Kellon. You’re so hot

  12. Reply Post By H8ers Gonna H8

    No love for Ethan Joseph? That play is siiiiick

  13. Reply Post By Vickie Brooks

    My vote is for Kellon Middleton! This young man is a model student as well as a great athlete! He gives 100% on and off the field. His moral character is outstanding as well!

  14. Reply Post By Anonymous

    They are all winners in my heart!

  15. Reply Post By Joe Kerr

    David Lalaian is catching up!

      1. Reply Post By Joe Kerr

        Just stating the obvious

  16. It’s not a contest about the best student. It is a contest for the best play of the week.

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Kellon Middleton’s play was THE BEST of the week!

  17. Reply Post By Igor Stopmystankis

    We support Marcus Allen from Sortavala, The Mother Land.

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      Great job Kellon! We’ll deserved buddy. Keep balling out and let the haters fuel your fire.

  18. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Kellon is OBVIOUSLY the most athletic, talented, SMART, kind, generous, and funny player on this list. You’re blind if you can’t see that.

    1. Reply Post By Glenn the Neighbor

      We are behind Kellon as a community and there is NO cheating. And if you try and vote more than once, it lets you know.
      Haters are going to Hate….Always
      So get over it, and stop hating.
      We support our athlete’s in this County.

      Plus this was by far THE top Play of all.

  19. Reply Post By Amy Middleton

    There’s no cheating involved. It’s just a bunch of friends and family and an entire community rallying behind one of our own who we feel is deserving of being recognized. It’s apparent that every one of these kids are good athletes!! Kellon is a talented young man but behind his talent is a down to earth, big hearted, hard working, honest, kind, smart, and funny young man!! Or at least his Aunt Amy thinks so!!!

  20. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Thanks Aunt Amy!

    1. Reply Post By Linda S Chesser


  21. Reply Post By Brother

    4 counties wide supporting Kellon Middleton, no cheating involved.

  22. Reply Post By Wheeler

    Rice is the best way to go!!!

  23. Reply Post By Terry Steedley

    Nice job Heron Nation ?? Kellon has always been a baller from REC to high school and such a kid

  24. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Kellon Middleton is so humble and always a great leader. He’s an amazing player and plays every game and practice with all of his heart. Middleton got my vote. goherons!

  25. Reply Post By Terry Steedley

    Kellon is such a great kid ???

  26. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Must have been the Russians

  27. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Exactly 4,500 votes?! Definitely the Rushins. How could Recruit Georgia let this happen?! Interfering in OUR democracy once again.

  28. David Lallain should be the top foe this week! Strong and determined!

  29. Reply Post By Debra Hendrix

    Mellon Middleton is a strong athlete as well as an awesome leader on our team. He has ignited our team on several occasions to pull together keep up the fight! So proud of all of or fighting young men and pray we have others that take on that leadership quality as well!
    GO. HERONS!!!!

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