Tweet This, Not That!

In the rapidly evolving world of the twittersphere, high school recruits are typing their thumbs to the bone.

The instant gratification of expressing one’s opinions is certainly enticing; but if it goes unmonitored and unfiltered, it can seriously hinder a college coaches’ opinion of a highly touted recruit. If a recruit is on the bubble as a potential prospect he has no room for error in his social media activity.

Each year high school athletes have their scholarships revoked because of a single tweet. Twitter should be used to promote yourself and cast yourself in a positive light.

College coaches want to see hard work, leadership and positive attitudes in future scholarship athletes. We scoured our Twitter feed and quickly found some examples of what to tweet and what not to (identities hidden on the latter).


Tweet This:


Not This:

Bad Tweet 1

Asterisks leaves little to the imagination for this all-around distasteful remark.


Tweet This:


Not This:

Bad Tweet 2

All joking aside, drug references are a no-no. Anyone can Google lingo that they don’t understand.


Tweet This:


Not This:

Bad Tweet 3


Coaches do not want a player who thinks fighting is acceptable, especially in the wake of recent events (Sorry Geno).

The next time you think about tweeting, re-tweeting or replying to a tweet, think about the consequences. Everything you post on social media will be read by at least one person. Tweets have no expiration date and what you post can eventually come back to haunt you.

An ill-advised tweet can be the difference between a dream scholarship and a short-lived football career.

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