Thundering Herd Offer Seabolt

Marshall just offered road grading offensive guard Levi Seabolt. This was offer #1 for the rising senior from Gilmer HS.

The big lineman is a 2x State Champion and National All-American in wrestling. He has a wide frame and is terrifically strong in the weight room – benches 400 and squats 515.

Seabolt competed in the Rising Seniors challenge where some of the top rated juniors went head-to-head after the end of the season. The big man from Gilmer is a tenacious blocker. Once he gets his hands inside the lineman’s pads, he just drives them out of the play and often onto the ground for a pancake.

So far this spring he has visited Eastern Kentucky and Mercer. Now that his wrestling season is over expect Seabolt’s recruitment to really heat up.

Stay tuned to Recruit Georgia for the latest on Levi Seabolt’s recruitment.


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  1. Levi, God has blessed you with so many Talents and you have made Him smile because you have done wonderful things with what He gave you. You have exceled in those gifts. Your Parents tonyandcarlanelson did such a great job in raising you. You are a very respectful young man, another great quality of yours is you remain humble, your not boastful, kindness and being thankful to God for what you have achieved. I pray for blessings to be on your life and may you continue to excel in the gifts that you have been given. The Family loves you and is so very proud of you. <3

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