Speedy Hawes is Electrifying

As a sophomore, Zalon Hawes showed some real ability as a returner for his Lakeside-Evans squad with several near-explosive plays that where just wick away from going kaboom – ie. a touchdown. Another year developing his game has led to even better results for Hawes, and just last weekend, the speedy 2021 receiver broke off a long run against Duluth that earned him in the #RGTop10.

Hawes caught the kickoff on a dead run at the 15 yard-line and quickly veered off to the left where there was a sliver of space for him to shoot through. He was quickly surround at the 30 yard line by several Duluth defenders, but the elusive junior spun out of one tackle, then juked out several more players, including his own blocker, and before you know it Hawes was in the clear. The electrifying athlete was led by an envoy of Lakeside-Evans teammates for the final 30 yards into the endzone, and rightfully earned the top play spot in the state of Georgia with 1729 votes in just 24 hours time.

No doubt, the junior athlete is seeing a lot more action this fall, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Against Duluth, Hawes also had several more catches, including another score on a 15 yard reception, giving the junior two touchdowns on the night.

“My goal for this season is to score in every game I play in and drop no balls all season long. For the team, I want to go undefeated, but if we don’t reach that goal, we most definitely want to win region,” Hawes said.

Lakeside has started off the year right with a 2-0 record and beat up on the 7-A school in Duluth by a 45-21 margin. Senior quarterback Jaden Taylor certainly helps, he is one of the more experienced QB’s in his classification, but playmakers like Hawes have added an explosive element on the perimeter of the offense that has opened up the offense even more. 

The 2021 recruit who models his game after Julio Jones worked hard this offseason, and thinks a number skills he improved on will be beneficial this fall.

“I think I improved the most on my catching from last year, but I feel as if my route running has gotten better as well,” Hawes said.

No doubt, a receiver who can consistently catch the football will be a favorite target of any quarterback, and the explosive first step that Hawes shows can really be utilized out in space. His short-space quickness is electric, Hawes can change directions in a tight corridor very well, so I would not be surprised to see him even get some carries as his high school career continues to progress.

Right now, the 2021 prospect’s recruitment has been relatively quiet. “I’ve only received one letter from a coach asking me to come to one of his camps, and no sir, I do not have any visits planned.”

At least not yet, but more explosive plays on returns, especially against tougher region competition that is looming on the back-half of the schedule will certainly set the stage for the junior and the rest of his Lakeside squad to make some noise. As they say, “film is king!” and the 5’10” 160 lbs. Hawes will need to compile a strong case on the highlight reel to lure in college scouts.

The season is very young, Lakeside is a strong candidate to win their region, so stay tuned for more on Zalon Hawes and his Lakeside squad. Also, be sure to follow @RecruitGeorgia on Twitter to hear more about the 2021 recruit and others athletes across the state of Georgia.


featured photo credit: CSRA Photography


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