Recruiting Recap 8/30

Welcome to another edition of the Recruiting Recap! Thanks for stopping by, and apologies for not getting this out earlier! Had a small technical issue on the website, and also, strangely enough, we are not receiving all of our Twitter notifications – to which we still have not found a solution! So perhaps the problem is on the Twitter side of things, but either way, that’s not why you are reading the recruiting recap. Down below we have all of the offers we could rack up from yesterday. Feel free to reach out on Twitter if we missed an offer and we’ll add it. With September looming, we are hoping to get the RR’s back on track, so be sure to check out around 10-11 am to see our recap on the weekdays. Though, I will admit that it might not be viable to recap weekend offers considering the influx of Tweets we get in that 48-hour span.


Nehemiah Pgouda
2023 South Paulding
Georgia Southern & Anderson

Duke Watson
2024 Mary Persons
Florida State

David Attaouchu
2023 Kennesaw Mt.

Jordan Lovett
2023 Statesboro

Demario Wilmore
2023 Tattnall Square Acd.

Blake Ellsworth
2023 North Cobb

Jarvis Hayes
2023 Ware Co.

Kamron Mikell
2024 Statesboro
South Carolina

Joshua Taylor
2023 Trinity Christian

Jonathan Hardy
2023 Benedictine

Sleeper of the Day

Christian Newbern
2023 Bleckley Co.

Newbern is a solid linebacker/rush end prospect that we have evaluated for the last few seasons. Junior year was a good one for Newbern, and he ended up with 80 tackles and 13 sacks. He’s a solid athlete with good weight-lifting numbers, definitely in the top percentile in his recruiting class. The 2023 recruit shows very good acceleration to the football. He hits top speed so fast that the OL cannot react. Newbern also can play in coverage though, and there are several plays where he goes man to man; in one case 40-50 yards downfield sticking right with the receiver. That’s really impressive and shows the athleticism of the 2023 recruit. He is one of the more versatile defenders in this recruiting class athletically speaking, but we still would like to see more film of him just dropping back in zone coverage. We like Newbern’s work ethic above all else. He really works hard during the offseason and has continued to get better each season. His ability to apply pass pressure during his junior year was really impressive. He’s a bit undersized for the edge, and wonder how he would look playing more in the middle of the field, but either way, we think his speed/hustle to the football is D1 caliber. The 2023 recruit has put on good weight over the last year going from 205 to 220. There is no reason to assume he cannot play around 235-245 at the college level, depending on how he develops skill-wise.


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