Postseason TOP Play Nomination

The regular season ended a few weeks back, and Recruit Georgia is now looking for the top plays for their first annual postseason awards!

(skip the fluff & scroll down to see Post Season Award Nominations)

Below are individual awards for a specific play accomplished by an athlete (Ex. made an incredible leaping catch – nominate your athlete for The Megatron Award). Plays made during the playoff are acceptable nominations, as well. 

Submit your nomination below, in the COMMENT BOX, with the HUDL and time or email Recruit Georgia will then select the top 5-10 nominations for each award, and make a highlight reel. Then the Recruit Georgia community will vote the winners for each postseason award. The winners of each award will then be put into one big 2015 TOP Play highlight reel after all the voting has been finalized. 

Nominations END December 6th – act now and nominate a top play!

Recruit Georgia’s 2015 Postseason Awards

Honeybadger – best defensive score

The Human Joystick – best juke move

Megatron – best leaping catch

Ode to OBJ – best one handed reception

Da Bomb – Longest Pass (in air)

Top Dime – most accurate touchdown pass

Sweetness – best run by a running back

Beastmode – most broken tackles on a single run

Hitstick – biggest hit by a defender

IHOP Cook – best pancake block

Das Boot – longest/most difficult fied goal kick

Sack Artist – most impressive sack

Pacman – top interception play

Sleeper Play – best of the rest


Have any suggestions? Make a comment below!



  1. The Human Joystick nominee… Spencer Lewis Brookwood High School, Snellville, GA class of 2017 vs South Gwinnett
    -mike lewis

  2. Matthew Castner – IHOP Cook – best pancake block. Cooking some pancakes against a 4 star in a region championship game.

  3. Human joystick award… Eastside high school, Covington Georgia

  4. Human joystick award… Eastside high school, Covington Georgia

  5. Reply Post By Julius young


  6. Reply Post By Julius young

    Check out my highlight: … IHOP-COOK

  7. Reply Post By Derrik Allen

    Derrik Allen leaping INT vs Cherokee to seal win.

  8. Reply Post By Chilton Tolliver

    IHOP Cook
    Chilton Tolliver
    Check Out my hudl at right tackle drove DT over 10 yards off line of scrimmage with the cake

  9. View the last minute and 28 seconds to see pancakes against #1 GA Defensive End Derrick Brown and UNC commit Tomon Fox

  10. Hitstick-Ryan smith’s whole video pretty much
    Honeybadger-Dylan Harper at 46 sec.

  11. play begins at 37 seconds.

  12. Ikoku: @Simply_Jay416 Int against hooch. @BenEverett54 every play this season was a pancake. @EmekaNwanze4 goes beastmode

  13. Reply Post By Mitchell Miller

    Evan French c/o 16 Loganville high school for beast mode against walnut grove

  14. 12,38,7:40
    Da bomb, da bomb, on a dime

    1. @bigguccibrian 12,38,7:40
      Da bomb, da bomb, on a dime

  15. Human joystick & sweetness
    Time of video – 0:56
    Stats- 1,300 15tds

  16. Reply Post By chiedozie
    IHOP : START AT 24 SEC – 51

  17. IHOP- best Pancake
    2018 Jaron Hull Slot Rec on a LB
    Time on video :40 and :53

  18. Human Joystick Times on Video: :09 / 1:13 / 1:52 / 2:18

    MEGATRON: Time on Video: 1:47

    2018 Jaron Hull Slot Rec

  19. Made a incredible one handed catch. I nominate Javonni Cunningham for the Ode to Obj award.

    (Time 1:39).

  20. Nominate Breon Dixon for Honeybadger award for his defensive score

    Time :19

  21. Reply Post By Anonymous

    Sweetness and beastmode.
    Montralius mosley jr

  22. Hitstick nominee
    time of video: 0:31-0:46
    -Double the hits double the fun, nominate both or just pick one:)

  23. Brock Thompsom IHOP cook
    Time 0:07

    1. Reply Post By Anonymous

      I think it is actually *Thompson

  24. -Sleeper play-48 yard return on an onside to seal playoff win.

  25. The Human Joystick-D.rob 1:31
    Da Bomb -Chris dettling to d.rob 2sec
    The Human Joystick-D.rob,Ryan smith IHOP Cook on the same play 3:38

  26. Go to 0:49 for the best the human joystick award Khyrie Moore

  27. … sleeper play, caught a cramp at the one, stretched it out and ran him all the way down

    1. Kobe Ross MLK

  28. Reply Post By Matthew Downing
    Pancakes against Derrick Brown, Tomon Fox, and Michael Allen

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