Warren Sandbothe – OG
Blessed Trinity


HT: 6’5
WT: 285
GPA: 3.8
Class: 2025
40: 5.4
Vertical: 24’
Squat: 405
Bench: 275
Power Clean: 245

What makes you stand out as a future collegiate athlete?

What makes me stand out as a future college athlete is my passion for football, my football IQ and my toughness. All-State HM and 6A-7 First Team All Region OL

Sandbothe has trimmed down while also becoming a good bit stronger over the last year. The 2025 offensive lineman has been starting for multiple years now. The fundamentall strong offensive guard does a good job of setting up his blocks showing light feet while he starts to engage. He keeps a pretty flat back and has good hand placement, getting underneath the pads of the defender. Sandbothe considently drives his legs through the block and shows good consistency getting his man down while run blocking. He has good reactions at the snap, pops out his stance pretty quickly and seems to catch defenders off with his quickness at the point of attack; he is a good straight-up blocker. Sandbothe is well-schooled, as he continues to get stronger you’ll see his fundamentals shine even more. He looks to be a good zone blocking offensive guard. In terms of pass protection, there is not a ton of film, so that’s definitely area where he needs to sharpen up. Getting more explosive to the 2nd level and finishing blocks with impact are surely areas college coaches will like to see him improve.



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